Best Afternoon Tea in London

The Quintessentially English Tradition of Tea and Cakes

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I am a regular follower of Laura Porter's London Travel Blog: 

It is filled with great ideas of things to see and do. It is my first stop when I start to plan a new excursion around London. She has put together a 'hot list' of places to take tea. My plan is to go to all of them during our stay in London.  Read on for more information on where to take tea....

Information provided by London Travel
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BBC Drama: Cranford

Watching the BBC production 'Cranford' and absolutely loving it.
What a wonderful group of ladies...
they make me laugh.. they make me cry.
A charming story!

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The Anglo Files: A Field Guide to the British

The Anglo Files

I have this book sitting at my bedside table and am looking forward to reading it. Written by Sarah Lyall it looks like a fun read. 

The Anglo Files: A Field Guide to the British
New York Times Bestseller

Dispatches from the new Britain: a slyly funny and compulsively readable portrait of a nation finally refurbished for the twenty-first century.
Sarah Lyall, a young reporter for the New York Times, move to London in the mid-1990s and soon became known for her amusing and incisive dispatches from her adopted country. As she came to terms with its eccentric inhabitants (the English husband who never turned on the lights, the legislators who behaved like drunken frat boys, the hedgehog lovers, the people who extracted their own teeth), she found that she had a ringside seat at a singular transitional era in British life. The roller-coaster decade of Tony Blair’s New Labour government was an increasingly materialistic time when old-world symbols of aristocratic privelege and stiff-upper-lip sensibility collided with modern consumerism, overwrought emotion, and a new (but still unsuccessful) effort to make the trains run on time. Appearing a half-century after Nancy Mitford’s Noblesse Oblige, Lyall’s book is a brilliantly witty account of twenty-first-century Britain that will be recognized as a contemporary classic.

A beautiful ride with Jeremy Irons and Juliet Stevenson

I have only been in the UK for six weeks and let me tell you the one thing that quickly struck me was the amount of traffic. Spending four years driving around Auckland, New Zealand was a cake walk by comparison. I have found the solution to my travel woes....Audio CD's. My son and I pop into the car each morning with a smile on our face knowing that we get to travel into a different world as we sit in the traffic weary grey skies of Surrey on these cold winter mornings.

Each morning we start the day with Jeremy Irons reading the J.R.R. Tolkien story, The Hobbit. He is brilliant... a master storyteller!

Once my son is out the door and on his merry way to class, I pop in my audio CD, The Beautiful Visit by Elizabeth Jane Howard.  It is read by actress, Juliet Stevenson who has a gift for telling a tale.

'A young woman, the daughter of unremarkable parents, passes through an ordinary childhood with little emotional awareness until age 16 when she's invited by distant acquaintances to a house party, which becomes the beautiful visit and the measuring stick of her past and present. Such a novel deserves a narrator of the highest abilities, and Juliet Stevenson is just that. She captures her audience with determined awareness and delicate timing. She steers each character to its proper niche and manipulates the author's words with an intelligence one can hear.' J.P. 
Can mornings get any better than listening to Jeremy Irons and Juliet Stevenson? I think not. My driving worries are over!

The Beautiful Visit reference via Audio File Magazine

The Great British Life

 Celebrating all that is Great about British Life!

This is a must for anyone new to the UK.
You can learn all about Great British Life
by following this link
It is a great place to get started.
The website is filled with information
covering a range of topics:

Food and Drink
People and Places
Out and About
Family Travel
Restaurant Reviews
Food and Drink Features
Farmers Markets
Reader's Photos
and more!

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Wonderful Weekends in England

I was inspired to create this blog after reading this book by Elspeth Thompson.
It is filled with great information and has been of enormous value to me as I transition into England.  When names are unfamiliar and you can no longer find your favourite brands you have to start looking elsewhere. This is a great start for some of the essentials.
UK-based companies making high-quality skin and beauty products:

Tree Harvest

I am always on the lookout for good bath towels and linens
and plan to check these out:
This is a good way to start the day. 
Your skin will feel refreshed and you will be wrapped in beautiful towels. 
More to come later....
To learn more about the book go to

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