BBC Drama: Cranford

Watching the BBC production 'Cranford' and absolutely loving it.
What a wonderful group of ladies...
they make me laugh.. they make me cry.
A charming story!

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  1. Jeanne - a third blog! I am impressed at your energy and creativity. I wish you every success as you navigate your new home!

  2. Dear Jeanne - I am amazed that your creativity can expand to a third blog! Good for you! Looking forward to learning lots of new things about the place of my birth...I think I need to watch Cranford from the start...I watched one episode thinking it looked like 'my thing' but was a bit lost - I shall make an effort to get the series. Also like the look of the Elizabeth Jane Howard audio CD - have read lots of her work but not this one. We have taken a while to get to the stage where we allow lots of extra time to get anywhere, knowing that the traffic can be totally horrendous, especially at school run time. That was one of the factors when we decided on Wiltshire/Bath rather than Surrey/London....RR works from home so we didn't have the geographical limitations this time...mind you, nothing is really far here, we've discovered that the timing of your trip is the all important factor! Enjoy the weekend - it's beautiful out there today...Susie x