Balmy about Boots

Some may be aware that I have developed a bit of an obsession over boots since I arrived in the UK. Trust me I never gave them a second thought when I was living in the Southern Hemisphere. Actually, I take that back. In Auckland, you could never have enough black of anything :)
But now, to add to my desire for Dubarry's from Ireland and Musto boots from England (?), I have discovered that Le Chameau from France is the boot to covet around town. This is only for it's warmth and practicality which are the supreme measure of a good boot. So here we go....

Le Chameau



Oh, I forgot to mention that I saw these boots as well,  from Italy...
Loro Piana

Ok, maybe not so practical in wet weather, but very nice...

So many to choose from, so expensive!

I think I should move back to Sydney!

Images from brands as noted above

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  1. Jeanne - you're not alone with the boot dilemma! In Sydney I had a couple of pairs for winter, one suede and one leather and I didn't have to think beyond, as you are discovering, it's a different story! Boots for walking, boots to go with 'country' clothing, boots for comfort, boots with a bit of 'pizazz' for special outings, and on it goes! I am still sitting on the Sydney suede ones are relegated to the cupboard as they are hopelessly inadequate here - I love the look of the le chameau with the fleecy top but do you want to pay that much for, basically, a wellie (albeit a cool specimen?!) I just didn't realise the importance before of the label on your plastic footwear!! It's a social I'm avoiding taking the plunge (yet). My LAB is kitted out with his green hunters and waxed jacket (looking more like an Englishman every day!!!) & I'm making slow progress - I have the green Musto jacket and I did buy a pair of leather long boots but more like a wellie for trampsing through the inevitable mud but as for 'the boot' I'm still you say, so expensive, so no impulse buying! Let me know if you find the perfect the way, have a look at Elizabeth David if you get a chance - no glossy pics so a lot of her books look like hard work at first glance. 'An Omelette & a Glass of Wine' is a collection of articles with recipes and a good place to start....I meant to ask you before about the magazine you included a while ago, I think it was called Town & Country house or something similar - haven't seen it in any of the newsagents or supermarkets - is it a London mag or available everywhere? Susie x