Loving Selfridges

I had my first experience at Selfridges on Oxford St in London today and must say that I am loving that store and expect I will be back often. Here is just a sample of all the things that were there to entice my daughter and I....
The latest craze...ToyWatch's

Chanel's new colours this spring...Coco Rouge

Kate Moss's new collection of handbags designed exclusively for Longchamp

Annabel Karmel will be teaching children to cook this half term

The delicious Blends for Friends Tea is available
Joanna Trollope will be in store on February 27 signing her new book 'The Other Family' 

Trish McEvoy will be teaching a Make-Up Masterclass on March 3

Something for everybody and this is just the beginning. 
Find out more at www.selfridges.com


  1. Jeanne, your snapshots of English life are enchanting! It is a trip I've never made but long wanted to. In the meantime, I'm delighted to be catching your posts here. By the way the post you commented on was of one of the Greek islands.

  2. Hi Jeanne,lucky you, Selfridges is one of my favourite department stores, there is a book called shopping, seduction & Mr Selfridge; by Lindy Woodhead, I have not read it yet,but if it is as good as war paint, it should be a very good read.

  3. Hi Jeanne, thanks so much for your comment over at mine, the link was great have added to my blogroll, oh dear more work avoidance.

    Oh I don't know if you saw I put some suggestions for you on the grass is greener post.

    à bientot

  4. No prob's, add away.

    Happy discoveries.


  5. Isn't it a fabulous store?! I bought loads of Easter gifts last time I was there. Wonderful bunnies and ducks, chocolate eggs and marshmallow creatures. I was very popular when I returned home!!