25 March 2010

Shopping London: Anthropolgie

I am a big fan of Anthropologie and love to visit 
the Regent St store when I am in town. 
I was delighted to learn that we now have two stores to choose from. 
Double the fun!

158 Regent Street London 
(Piccadilly and Oxford Circus tube station)

131-141 Kings Road London 
(Sloane Square and South Kensington tube stations)

Images from Anthropologie


  1. Can't wait to see this store....xv

  2. Isn't Kings Road just the best place to spend an afternoon?

  3. Arrgghhh - now I am jealous! I have not been to either shop in London yet. I need to make a visit to the 'big smoke'... :-)

  4. Jeanne - it's posts like this which make me seriously question why we are living a forty pound train ride from London when we were previously only a fifteen pound ticket away!!! Guess what the hot topic of conversation will be at the M.H this weekend? Have a happy one! x

  5. I love this shop , so much. Merci for sharing pictures

  6. oh, the combination of anthro & piccadilly... nice. can't wait to visit that store.