The Charming Sam Toft

One can't help being charmed by Sam Tofts whimsical characters. 
I happened upon her work today, picking up a card in a shop 
I turned it over to read the following:

'Meet the Mustards' 
by Sam Toft

"Ernest Hemingway Mustard lives with his dear lady wife Violet, 
and Doris (Her Majesty) their rather grumpy, portly Jack Russell. 
They have a gold fish named Rover 
and can often be seen out with Horace Duck who lives down the way. 
Doris loves to stay in by the fire eating custard with slices of Spam, 
but ventures out when the Mustards' pockets 
are filled with humbugs. 
Mr. Mustard is a kind, simple soul who specialises in tuneless humming
and predicting hurricanes. Mrs. Mustard puts up with her daft husband 
and dreams of MrD'Arcy. 
Sam Toft lives and works in Hove with Sweet Pea Rabbit and Moses Dog. 
She practices and teaches lynegar yoga 
and is a devil for a cafe latte and well turned out cake."

Video clip via You Tube


  1. Thank you Jeanne - love her work - it does make me smile and I thoroughly enjoyed the video clip too...x

  2. Absolutely agree! I stumbled on her work recently and could not resist the print titled "Carrying on Regardless".