Shopping London: Givenchy

You may think that all I like to do in London is may be right!
This is what happens when you sign up for every retail newsletter 
in a 100 mile radius of where you live. I have managed to detect that 
stripes are 'in' this season and if you are so inclined you may want to 
check out Selfridges for Givenchy's Striped Blazer. 
I am thinking on some, it would look fantastic. 
You may be one of them....

Harem pants are another hot item, 
 I had plenty of them in the 80's 
and I plan to leave it at that.
But for others...I say go for it!

As for the Givenchy Nightingale bag
just maybe :)

Images via Selfridges


  1. Yes please... No not for me.... In my dreams....xv

  2. I loved my harem pants in the 80's. I remember thinking I looked just FaBUloUs!! I know better now. Sigh.

  3. Oh Jeanne, how funny as I have been to Pau this afternoon and I was just thinking how many stripy things were about, and a lady was trying on some harem pants, in one of the shops I went into, hmmm best left in the eighties I think.

  4. Jeannie, Only vertical stripes for me..
    Let me get what you wrote, you sign up for advertising mail? Gosh, I get so much junk in my mail. I throw it out and don't even read it. Sign up for what you want sounds great.
    OUTWARD BOUND is beautiful, it is a survival camp. Check into it and I am 7 minutes away..

  5. So many stripes around the world - even Down Under - they are everywhere here!! But the blazer looks particularly smart x