Irving Penn @ The National Portrait Gallery

My all-time favourite leading man, Spencer Tracy

I have posted a few images from my outing to the National Portrait Gallery over at Collage of Life but what I did not mention is what to do if you are going to see it yourself. I thought the exhibit was fascinating. It covers a life span of his work and I have to say photos such as the one above or even photos in books do not do the real thing justice.  When you see them you will know what I mean. I went around the exhibit three time and am so glad I did as each time I experienced something new and different. Be sure to open the little book they give you from the start. I did not and spent the first round wondering who all these people were. I am a bit slow at times! To see familiar faces at such a young age was a treat but what was most memorable to me were the photographs of people in their later years of life. They lived a life and it showed itself so clearly. Will we see the same thing 10-20 years from now? I think not...there is such beauty in age and I found it expressed clearly in these images.

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