The Real Van Gogh

If you have not seen the Vincent Van Gogh exhibit at the Royal Academy of Arts and you live in London or plan to travel here before 18 April then be sure to see this exhibit. 

Just plan to get their early (before it opens) grab a coffee, bring a book (for the wait) and an umbrella (just in case) and prepare to be rewarded for your efforts when you enter the exhibit. 

It is entitled The Real Van Gogh: The Artist and His Letters. The focus of the exhibition is Van Gogh's correspondence which sits alongside his work. 

It opens a door for the viewer that is remarkable and breathtaking. A friend summed it up perfectly. 'The colour is so rich you feel like you are drinking in'. The illustrations and content of his letters are visually absorbing. 

When you go, take note of the colour of the walls in the exhibition area as well. Blue, yellow, green, eggplant...all Van Gogh colours and they are used beautifully as a backdrop to his work. 

Ok, I will stop there. You can tell I am pretty excited but I will let you be the judge when you see it.

Do try, you won't be disappointed!

Images via RA Magazine

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  1. Jeanne - I wasn't rushing to see this but after being told by a friend yesterday that she is going back next week for a second viewing and now, reading your post, I am changing my mind....x