Royal Portraits

On my way out of the National Portrait Gallery I stopped in to see the latest royal addition.
The portrait of Prince William and Prince Harry by Artist Nicky Philipps is interesting to see.
Again, I do not think photographs do it justice so if you have not seen it be sure to check it out.

I was hoping to find the photograph on display of Prince Charles, William and Harry but could only find
this one in the google archives. A lovely photo but the one on display is wonderful. 
They are captured  at a touching moment and you feel it when you see the photograph. 
Then again, Mario Testino was the photographer 
so there are no surprises in the quality of the photograph!

I was most touched by this one of Diana and the boys. 
My son is still in that big teethy grin stage that William is in here. 
They all look so happy. 
I was quite touched and admit I pulled out the tissue.

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  1. I adore the new portrait. It seems to capture the spirit of the past, with a contemporary twist in the posing.

    And I still miss Diana.