Rule Britannia@ French Essence

I think most bloggers know the wonderful Vicki @ French Essence.
If you are new to the scene you need to check out her beautiful blog as it is all things french.
I have a special fondness for Vicki. I happened upon one of her books in the library one day
last year and was so taken by it that I went right home and did a google search.
I had no idea what a blog was at that point.
It was all to much for me to comprehend. I started to follow her blog
and follow another and another until I just had to do it. 
She stops in occasionally to my blogs and it is always nice to see her comments.
I am so glad I stopped in the library that day!

On my first trip to London last year I came across her link Rule Britannia

She lists all her favourite spots in London.
I jotted them down and have been ticking off the lists ever since.
London can be so daunting at times with so much to see and do.
It is hard to know where to begin. 
 I started with Vicki's lists and am having a ball!

Images via French Essence


  1. Believe it or not, I am not familiar with Vicky. What rock do I live under? ;) So, thanks for the introduction! I'm headed to check it out!

  2. French Essence is one of my daily reads. I love her writing style. It's elegant and interesting.

  3. This is gorgeous, Jeanne! I love Vicki! When I started blogging she had been one of my most faithful supporters. She is truly beautiful inside as well as out, and because of her lovely soul, deserving of every happiness.