The Tea Cake Fairy

Oh dear, it is happening. 
The Tea Cake Fairy has sprung.
I was in Marks and Spencer today doing my usual 'oohs and ahhs' 
and spotted these delectable little morsels....Welsh Cakes.

I picked up, I put down, I picked up and thought...
'wouldn't these taste lovely with cup of tea' and in they went. 
The woman in front of me at the check out marveled over them, 
wondering what they were. 
I said I had no idea but I was about to find out.

At this point I had not checked the back of the package...
you know, the part where it tells you the carbs and sugar levels. 
I did not want to spoil the moment.
I just wanted yet another english tea experience 
and that was my focus.

I am home, I turned over the package 
and... you do not want to know!
I can tell you that the serving instructions say
  "Delicious toasted and generously topped with butter'. 
Need I say more?

Of course I will eat them...
the Tea Cake Fairy has willed me to do so, 
but seriously....this country is not good for my waistline.

Next week to the Lake District,
the land of Beatrix Potter....can't wait. 
All that fresh air, the long walks and of course 
that special treat at the end of the day, 
Devonshire Tea and my favourite clotted cream.

As I said, this country, is not good for my waistline....
but I am loving it!

Seriously, when you have little fairies that look like this, how can you say no?
Which is why I could not resist this either.....

Image of cakes via me and Marks and Spencer
Images of fairies via


  1. I think yoy should do as the tea cake fairy bids Jeanne and ENJOY... love welsh cakes - my late ex=mother in law used to make her own and they were soooo delcious ! x

  2. You'll walk it off soon enough, and then amaze us with the lovely photos you took on the way! Enjoy!

  3. Sweet temptations indeed! No one does holidays better than the British.

    And you are heading to Hilltop??!! One of my favourite hotels is near there. Holbeck Ghyll! Divine, divine. And Beatrix's garden... a little touch of heaven. Try to walk from the Bowness ferry, if the weather will allow!

  4. Thanks Pamela
    We have rented a house, which I hear is up near the border to Scotland. It is going to be cold!! All this so we could bring along our dog,Tika, to run along the hillsides.
    I went along to the library today and am armed with books to plan out a weeks worth of the Lakes Districts activities. The kids want it to be low key, walking, reading, sitting by the open fire.
    I can do that! Wish us luck...five of and a dog in a station wagon, heading due North...east:)

  5. Resist not. Enjoy it while you can!
    There’s a little something waiting for you at Holly Goes Lightly…

  6. What a delightful post. Don't resist, I know I would find it difficult not to indulge in Devonshire Tea.

  7. Hi Jeanne, My mother's family is from the Lake District. It's been far too long since I was there. How I envy you. Those Welsh cakes look lovely. Don't know why I haven't made any yet. Looks like something else I could use my crumpet rings for.

  8. Dear Jeanne,

    In a minute I am heading to the kitchen and having something to eat because looking at the Welsh cakes have made me hungry and now I wish I had baked that cake today, the one I planned on baking but put off for tomorrow.

    Thank you for sharing, for it felt like I was right there with you.

    Wishing you a wonderful Easter day weekend,