Where Do You Take Your Afternoon Tea?

I am new to the Afternoon Tea experience in London. 
I look at the guide books and the suggestions all look wonderful but where do you begin? 
 Ambience is key for me so I thought I would start with a photo search.
 The problem is they all look so wonderful that I may just have to try them all.

The Lanesborough 
(I have been here and I have to say it is extra special.)

The Dorchester Hotel
(I will save this one for a girls day out.)

Cupcakes at the Mayfair Hotel
(Who can resist these little gems?)

The Connaught Hotel
( Lovely)

The Ritz
(I have fond memories of The Ritz in Boston. This is a must.)

Browns Hotel
(Just looks like fun!)

Have you been, have you tried, do you have any suggestions?
Do tell!

If you would like to learn more about each of these locations and read a review, 
you can refer to

Images via Londontown


  1. I would love to visit any of these places for afternoon tea! Beautiful! I think I will bookmark that site for reviews for the next trip I plan! Marija

  2. I Love your blogs!! I'm going to add all of them to my blogroll. I have wanderlust in a bad way but for now am limited to my 2 abroad vacations a year until I can figure out how to make a decent living and travel :)

    I've been to the Ritz in London, hopefully some day I can try all of the above out. Ritz is very upscale/traditional. Because many tourists go there, if you plan to go on a weekend, book at least a month or more ahead of time. The hotel is lovely.

    One institution you forgot on your list is Claridge's. Their afternoon tea setting seems to be more modern in an art deco kind of way, but it still seems fun.

    Karen O.

  3. I haven't been to any of those lovely places, but many years ago we visited a tiny tea shop at Weald Gardens in the town of Bampton. It was delightful! Being uncouth Americans, we didn't know the proper way to eat a slice of cake when no forks were available. We quietly watched, and discovered that we were to hold both cake and plate near our chins, pick up the cake with our fingers, and nibble. So we did. How fun.

  4. Hi Jeanne, It's been far too long since I've had tea in London. Would love to hit all these places! I also enjoy little tearooms, but nothing suits me better than a swanky hotel tea. In between times, I give afternoon teas at home for my friends.

  5. I've been to the Ritz; it was very, very upscale and these days probably costs as much as most mortgage payments. An amazing experience but not particularly relaxing.
    I liked the Dorchester because their hours run a little later, which means you can go after a theatre matinee. Again, fairly expensive.
    A wonderful place, if you actually want to relax, is Dukes Hotel, although it must be said their drawing room is very small.
    And I would also like to try The Charlotte Hotel, where the atmosphere looks wonderful.