Wrapped in Cashmere

Always on the lookout for that beautiful cashmere made in Scotland. 
I came across these lovelies yesterday.

Bought one, love it! 
Wish I bought more :)
Hmm...there is Mother's Day....

Definitely worth having a look at this site


  1. Jeanne - I have one of these too - they exhibit at the Mary Howard fairs...so soft & beautiful, also practical & gorgeous colours. Which colour did you get? No need to ask if you're having a happy week.....! x

  2. P.S. Did you buy it mail order from the site or do they retail anywhere? I've only seen them at M.H.

  3. Hi Susie, I purchased mine yesterday at a local Woman's Club Fashion Show . They said you could order online as well. I bought the Pumice colour but also loved the Moss Stone and Nero Navy. They had a beautiful dark teal which I do not see on the website. Great to wear with T-shirt and jeans or dress up with skirt and pants. So versatile and feels so nice on! I would check the website. I found them all very accommodating and helpful:)
    Yes...I am having a very happy week....

  4. Jeanne - thanks for that - they are so versatile - good even in summer for an extra layer! They are always at the Mary Howard fairs & I think they hold one (usually November time) at Sandown racecourse...(is that near you?) Loads of other great stuff there too....x

  5. Found you through Julie's blog...Oh how I'd love to live in the UK!! And I think this cashmere wrap is on my wish list now!!

  6. What a fabulous cashmere wrap... I am going over right now to their website! Thank you! x