Zafferano Restaurant~ London

Had dinner at Zafferano last night and woke up still thinking about the menu. A good sign.
All things italian and just wonderful. It brought back memories of great dinners in Tuscany.
I get very excited looking at Italian menu' much to choose from. I can't wait to go back to this one.
If you are in the Knightsbridge/Belgravia area of London for dinner or lunch be sure check this out.

15 Lowndes Street
London SW1X 9EY
Phone: 020 7235 5800

Maybe a spot for a 'bloggers' lunch someday??
Great shopping around the corner:)

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Sarah Pacini Palazzo Pants

Dash over at  The French Sampler mentioned her favourite pair of Sarah Pacini palazzo pants. Having a fondness for this style of pant I had to learn more. I immediately put a search out to the distributor in the UK and they kindly replied with two suggestions.
If you are in central London you can stop in at:

European Fashion Studio
17 Floral Street
Covent Gardens

Bond Street

In the meantime I discovered two UK site's, The Conservatory' and Ice and they have a great range.

If you are not familiar with Sarah Pacini, her designs are made in Italy but had their beginnings in Belgium. Her website says it best...
'Sarah Pacini is a complete collection; a unique blend of knitwear, pret-a-porter and accessories. It is an evolving ode to femininity, body and soul. The style and the philosophy of the brand appeal to modern women who appreciate fashion beyond the usual and who dare express themselves with substance and audacity. There are over 50 Exclusive Stores world-wide, each an homage to the brand's philosophy; a haven of minimalism, grace and harmony.'

Mystified in Surrey, England

 I think my son is having serious reservations about our move to England. He is mystified by my new hobby, "drive-by photography". Surrey is in all it's glory, spring is everywhere and I feel like I will miss it if I do not take action, soon. After 10 years in the Southern Hemisphere, where the transition of the seasons was based on the leaf activity of our garden hedge, I think I deserve this time to soak it all in. 
Unfortuntately, the traffic in and around London has not been as swift as I would like. So here you go, my first session at 'drive-by photography'. All you need to do is sit in a traffic jam, roll down the window, point and shoot. Mind you, I have discovered a few things. Rolling forward or reversing to get the perfect angle will not always be appreciated by fellow drivers. Stopping in the middle of a road that you think is free of traffic is not a good idea either. Cars can appear quickly. Lastly, be sure to pay attention to traffic in front of you. Missing a light in peak traffic hours is not appreciated!

Images by Jeanne Henriques

Claremont Landscape Garden~ Surrey

The sun was shining on the National Trust property, Claremont Landscape Garden and it was a sight to behold.  The first garden was created in 1715 and in 1726, Claremont was described as 'the noblest of any in Europe'. I see it as a little gem in our wee corner of the world. We wandered, meandered and pondered during our visit. The Camellia Terrace is coming into it's own with rhododendrons and azaleas following. We finished our stroll with tea at the cafe. We look forward to picnic lunches by the lake in the coming months. If you find yourself in Surrey and are looking to take a nice leisurely stroll while enjoying the beauty around sure to stop in at Claremont.

Daydreaming at Fortnum and Mason

My daughter and I were sitting in The Fountain Restaurant 
at Fortnum and Mason for a late lunch yesterday.
Eavesdropping as you do when the tables are close together. 
One tale after another of weary travellers trying to find their way home. 
I was daydreaming and enjoying the view 
of the Royal Academy of the Arts from the window.
I could not resist taking a picture 
of this plane stretching itself across the sky. 

Recharged after our break, we carried on. 
I just love this display at Brooks Brothers.
Pretty as a picture :)

I often dislike taking photos thru glass due to the glare 
but if you look at these long enough you start to 
see what is happening across the street too! 


Happy Birthday~Queen Elizabeth II

Today is the day...that special day 

when Queen Elizabeth turns 84. 

In honour of HRH, 

previously unpublished photos 

as a baby will go on display 

at Windsor Castle. 

The exhibition~ 

Marcus Adams: Royal Photographer 

will run from 24 April 2010 - 6 February 2011.


Top Selling Tickets in London

According to  Time Out London...these are the top tickets selling at the moment.
My personal favourite:

If you are so inclined, I have added the contact details...happy booking!

Alice's..Notting Hill

I don't think anyone can resist photographing Alice's.
A beacon of colour on Portobello Road.
Notting Hill

London: Natural History Museum

If you live in London and noticed an absence of school children in the city today that is because they were all with me at the Natural History Museum in South Kensington. Not sure why we saved this trip for the last day of school holidays but there we were in the midst of some of the natural wonders of the world and it was pretty cool. So says my 10 year old son.

A 'temple to nature', the museum was purpose built in the 1870s to house the nations natural history collections.  The museum currently holds about 70 million specimens and they say that number is still growing.  Only a fraction of them are on display. The storerooms sound equally impressive. 
Much of this is due to the original contributor, Sir Hans Sloane ( 1660-1753). A London doctor, naturalist and collector he amassed 80,000 objects and books which filled his London home. Imagine trying to tidy up around his place.  He left his collection to the nation in his will which in turn formed the basis for the Britsh Museum in Bloomsbury.  In 1881 it was 'all hands on deck' to move the collection to its current home, the Natural History Museum in South Kensington. The zoological collection alone took more than 97 days and 394 trips by horse and cart.  Just imagine! 

I must is a spectacular building inside and out and deserves many trips to appreciate all its splendour. My only advise is to avoid the school holidays unless you have curious children of your own!



 Images taken by Jeanne Henriques
Reference from Natural History Museum

Shopping Ellis Street ~ London

I am working my way 
thru the London LUXE guide. 

I find this particularly handy when you 
have to pack light for a day in the city. 
I  headed off to Sloane Square on Monday 
and after checking the guide, 
decided Ellis Street was worth 
a stop along the way. 

Lulu Guinness
3 Ellis Street

Lulu Guinness has a great selection 
and I particularly liked this bag, 
the Columbia Road Ethel Tote
It says spring and I love the 
bike featured on the front. 

"Carry a piece of London around with you! 
The Columbia Road Ethel Tote beautifully replicates 
an area of East London's Columbia Road on the front.  
Here is Lulu's florist shop, with printing and embroidery.  
See the detail yourself!"

This bag reminds me of Pashley bikes. 
I secretly wish for a Pashley, especially one with a large basket.
I believe if I had one, I would be happy to cycle all day. 
I digress....back to Ellis St.

French Sole
6 Ellis Street
One can never have enough comfortable 
shoes, especially beautiful ones.
Two doors down from Lulu Guinness 
is the French Sole
A collection of beautiful ballet pumps 
by Jane Winkworth await you here.

In the spirit of summer, 
I would consider these (Harriet).

If by now you are giddy with joy 
and really want to splurge,
stop in at Selina Blow.

Selina Blow
1 Ellis Street

You will find clothing in colours 
that will leave you wanting more.
Lemon yellow, citrus greens, violet purples, 
raspberry, lime, turquoise blue....
need I say more? more. 

Gabriela Ligenza
5 Ellis Street

Beautiful hats...
the kind that dreams are made of.

A few stops and I was on my way again.
Ellis Street is definitely worth the visit.
So...the next time you are on Sloane Street 
and just happen to pass by,
stop at Ellis St. and have a look. 
Who just might find 
the one thing you have always been looking for!

Images 1~ me

Mr. Darcy

If you enjoy any and all references to Mr. I do.  
You may like to read this post,
I nearly had him sighted 
but came across something much better...

Click here

I couldn't resist!

Image via Google

A Perfect Haven

Our first expereince in the English Lakes District was set along the River Eamont in Brougham, Cumbria. We were seeking a house that would allow us to travel with our dog, Tika, a springer spaniel. I had previously posted about Rural Retreats and thought this was the best place as any to try our luck.  Not knowing the area, it was a shot in the dark. Lucky for us it was the right one.
This lovely converted barn offered stunning views of the Pennines.  Every aspect reminded me of one of the many old English classic movies that we like to watch. I was mesmerised. The river was at our doorstep. There was so little and yet so much to see. The wildlife was busy flitting to and fro wherever we passed. Pheasant, rabbits, swans, sheep...and a host of others were close at hand.
Our only regret is that we did not have more time to spend at the house. Our days were few and were spent taking in the beautiful scenery from many vantage points along the district. More on that later as for now I simply want to share the house. It was simple in it's decor yet so much more in the comfort that it offered.  If you ever seek a spot in the northern areas of the Lake District (Penrith) and like the simplicity of life, than I would recommend this special spot.
The drive into the house.
Tika having a wander.
Our greeting committee.
Father, son and faithful dog on a morning walk.
Morning mist...reminded me of scene from Pride and Prejudice.
From kitchen window....
Family out for a walk..Mother trailing behind, as usual.

A welcoming sight each morning.


Victoria & Albert: Art & Love

Queen Victoria

I thoroughly enjoyed a recent BBC television programme dedicated to The Queen's Gallery exhibit now open at Buckingham Palace. Fiona Bruce interviews The Prince of Wales, Chairman of the Royal Collection Trust, and great-great-great-grandson of Queen Victoria. The programme is dedicated to the opening and if I had not seen it I may not have been as inspired as I am to see this wonderful exhibit,
Victoria and Albert: Art & Love.

The Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace
19 March – 31 October 2010
Open daily 10:00 – 17:30 (last admission 16:30)

Advance tickets can be booked online or by telephone (+44) (0)20 7766 7301.

An excerpt from the interview:

The following is a speech by HRH The Prince of Wales to open the exhibition:
To read more about the exhibit:

Living in London...

While living in Surrey is lovely 
there is something about living in a city that is so alluring.
The ability to pop in and out, with the city at your doorstep, 
would be my reason to move.
I love the neighbourhoods and wandering the streets... 
looking for little touches of home.
You never have to go far to spot a beautiful 
green topiary or a burst of colour.
A little treat tucked away here and there. 
It is all so inviting....lovely London :)

Photographs by Jeanne Henriques

Life in the UK and Understanding the British

If you are living in the UK and like me,
still finding your way, then be sure to have a look at the information provided by FOCUS. 
It is an invaluable resource and can make a big difference to the settling in period.
Check out their website:

"FOCUS offers personal advice and professional expertise on a range of services to help international professionals (and their families) successfully live and work in the UK. We are a non-profit staffed entirely by expatriates, offering a minimum of one year membership support and our Kensington location provides one-to-one contact, seminars and workshops. We maintain the most comprehensive resources for the international community all in one location!"

In addition to the Guides featured above, they also offer seminars. This one looks too intriguing to pass up. Details are available on the website.
Get Culture Savvy- Understanding the British
Wednesday, 21st April 10.30 to 12.30
"Do you often wonder about the inner workings of British culture?  Join us for an entertaining and informative talk about customs, attitudes and quirks of the British.  Learn what is important and how to bridge cultural differences.  Sign up now under events!"

 Information via FOCUS