Living in London...

While living in Surrey is lovely 
there is something about living in a city that is so alluring.
The ability to pop in and out, with the city at your doorstep, 
would be my reason to move.
I love the neighbourhoods and wandering the streets... 
looking for little touches of home.
You never have to go far to spot a beautiful 
green topiary or a burst of colour.
A little treat tucked away here and there. 
It is all so inviting....lovely London :)

Photographs by Jeanne Henriques


  1. Lovely images Jeanne, ooh they are making me feel very nostalgic for London, never mind, I will be coming to London for a few day's this Summer.

  2. Lovely photos Jeanne....I know just where you were.xv

  3. These look so lovely and Spring is on its way too!! Fantastic... Hope you are having a great weekend x

  4. wonderful shots of London -- where were you? That garden shop looks incredible... I want to visit!

  5. I was expecting London to be a big, scary city and was surprised to find just what you describe. I landed with trepidation and then didn't want to leave. Don't get me started on book shops.

  6. Gorgeous shots Jeanne! You DO make me want to go to London even more!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Holly....many thanks, most of the shots were taken in and around Sloane Square and the Pimlico/Belgravia side of town. The park shot is in Hyde Park. The garden shop is Daylesford Organic on Pimlico Road...worth a vist if you can get to it. There are two on Pimlico sure to stop in at both. Definitely worth it!!

  8. Thank you one and all for your comments...always nice to hear from you :)

  9. John Sandoe's!!!! My favourite bookshop! The hotel I usually stay in is just around the corner.... The Draycott! Oh, you've made me soooo hungry for London today!

  10. Yes, I know what you mean about Surrey vs London. Every time I was hanging around at Waterloo late in the evening waiting for a train home, I fantasised how nice it would be to live somewhere on a tube line instead :)

  11. Gorgeous pictures and a beautiful blog. Travelling