Daydreaming at Fortnum and Mason

My daughter and I were sitting in The Fountain Restaurant 
at Fortnum and Mason for a late lunch yesterday.
Eavesdropping as you do when the tables are close together. 
One tale after another of weary travellers trying to find their way home. 
I was daydreaming and enjoying the view 
of the Royal Academy of the Arts from the window.
I could not resist taking a picture 
of this plane stretching itself across the sky. 

Recharged after our break, we carried on. 
I just love this display at Brooks Brothers.
Pretty as a picture :)

I often dislike taking photos thru glass due to the glare 
but if you look at these long enough you start to 
see what is happening across the street too! 



  1. Oh, I hope those stuck travellers get home! But I guess, there are worse places to be stranded than Fortnums.

  2. Lovely - how nice to pop up to Fortnums - great photographs as ever Jeanne hope you both had a wonderful day there. (and Indigo - the website is - in Wiltshire - not such a bad journey from London - do come down to see us there!)

  3. Jeanne, how I enjoy your photography! Do continue to keep that camera with you on your outings - my armchair tours of London and environs! Many thanks...Cassandra ♥

  4. Dear Jeanne,

    In order to cut the glare you will need a polarizing filter on the lens and it has to be the kind that you can rotate in order to get the angle and rid the glare.

    Wishing you all the best,