Mystified in Surrey, England

 I think my son is having serious reservations about our move to England. He is mystified by my new hobby, "drive-by photography". Surrey is in all it's glory, spring is everywhere and I feel like I will miss it if I do not take action, soon. After 10 years in the Southern Hemisphere, where the transition of the seasons was based on the leaf activity of our garden hedge, I think I deserve this time to soak it all in. 
Unfortuntately, the traffic in and around London has not been as swift as I would like. So here you go, my first session at 'drive-by photography'. All you need to do is sit in a traffic jam, roll down the window, point and shoot. Mind you, I have discovered a few things. Rolling forward or reversing to get the perfect angle will not always be appreciated by fellow drivers. Stopping in the middle of a road that you think is free of traffic is not a good idea either. Cars can appear quickly. Lastly, be sure to pay attention to traffic in front of you. Missing a light in peak traffic hours is not appreciated!

Images by Jeanne Henriques


  1. That's what I like Jeanne - a girl who lives dangerously...! I love the idea of drive by photography - I feel much the same as you - if you blink you'll miss it so you have to have that camera at the ready at all times! x

  2. Drive by shootings Jeanne? lol! I do them too, but only if someone else is driving. Some of my favorite shots were taken going way too fast and I don't know how I even got them!

  3. I love Esher and at one stage had definite ambitions to live there (we lived just by Kingston on Thames).
    It looks so pretty in your spring pics!


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