Happy Birthday~Queen Elizabeth II

Today is the day...that special day 

when Queen Elizabeth turns 84. 

In honour of HRH, 

previously unpublished photos 

as a baby will go on display 

at Windsor Castle. 

The exhibition~ 

Marcus Adams: Royal Photographer 

will run from 24 April 2010 - 6 February 2011.



  1. You put me to shame Jeanne ... I had completed forgotton it was HRH's birthday to day and I have to say I think she looks pretty good for 84 really! And such cute young pics of her too x

  2. Jeanne: What wonderful photos! In the 1950s, as a child in Indiana, USA, I was a serious collector of photos of and articles about HRH Queen Elizabeth and her family. I still have my several scrapbooks somewhere in my attic. Indeed, Happy Birthday HRH! Cassandra ♥

  3. Cassandra

    What a great idea for a post!! You should do that someday and be sure to let me know when you do. I will tell everyone to go and have a look :)
    Thanks for your comment!

  4. She is really such a pretty lady. I think of all public figures, I'd most like to have lunch with her. It boggles my mind to think of all she has seen!

  5. She is a wonderful icon for Britain....Lovely photographs...xv

  6. She really is doing pretty well for 85!