Mr. Darcy

If you enjoy any and all references to Mr. I do.  
You may like to read this post,
I nearly had him sighted 
but came across something much better...

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I couldn't resist!

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  1. Oh dear. That's not Mr Darcy. That's just some dude pretending to be Mr Darcy.
    This is Mr Darcy. :)
    What do others think??

  2. Good question! See comments at link under the photo :)

  3. Aha - thank you, I had missed those. It seems most people are open to the idea of the two Mr D's.
    I have trouble accepting the lake scene, since it's not in the book, but I guess that just makes me a fuddy-duddy.
    Funnily, I just started watching the Colin Firth version of P&P (again) last night, which is a bit of a feat since it's a UK DVD in a US machine: definitely a challenge to both my sense and my sensibilities!