Shopping Ellis Street ~ London

I am working my way 
thru the London LUXE guide. 

I find this particularly handy when you 
have to pack light for a day in the city. 
I  headed off to Sloane Square on Monday 
and after checking the guide, 
decided Ellis Street was worth 
a stop along the way. 

Lulu Guinness
3 Ellis Street

Lulu Guinness has a great selection 
and I particularly liked this bag, 
the Columbia Road Ethel Tote
It says spring and I love the 
bike featured on the front. 

"Carry a piece of London around with you! 
The Columbia Road Ethel Tote beautifully replicates 
an area of East London's Columbia Road on the front.  
Here is Lulu's florist shop, with printing and embroidery.  
See the detail yourself!"

This bag reminds me of Pashley bikes. 
I secretly wish for a Pashley, especially one with a large basket.
I believe if I had one, I would be happy to cycle all day. 
I digress....back to Ellis St.

French Sole
6 Ellis Street
One can never have enough comfortable 
shoes, especially beautiful ones.
Two doors down from Lulu Guinness 
is the French Sole
A collection of beautiful ballet pumps 
by Jane Winkworth await you here.

In the spirit of summer, 
I would consider these (Harriet).

If by now you are giddy with joy 
and really want to splurge,
stop in at Selina Blow.

Selina Blow
1 Ellis Street

You will find clothing in colours 
that will leave you wanting more.
Lemon yellow, citrus greens, violet purples, 
raspberry, lime, turquoise blue....
need I say more? more. 

Gabriela Ligenza
5 Ellis Street

Beautiful hats...
the kind that dreams are made of.

A few stops and I was on my way again.
Ellis Street is definitely worth the visit.
So...the next time you are on Sloane Street 
and just happen to pass by,
stop at Ellis St. and have a look. 
Who just might find 
the one thing you have always been looking for!

Images 1~ me


  1. How do you manage? If I were there, it would be all I could do to not shop all day long...

  2. So true Holly and I did shop all day long and for the first time I marvelled that all I did was window shop. I even went to Jo Malone twice but was in such a fit of indecision that I just had to say it was not meant to be.....on Monday!
    I wonder if this finally means that I have been here long enough to realise that I am staying....for a while. When you visit as a tourist there is a mad rush to buy as much as you can, as quickly as you can before the plane departs.
    It could also be the lecture I received from Mr. H on the state of the pound...puts such a damper on the shopping high!
    There is still tomorrow.....
    Thanks for the comment!

    Jeanne :)

  3. So many new sites to peruse! Thank you!!
    I happen to be looking for an extravagant hat at the moment. We are attending a Kentucky Derby party in May. One has to have a fabulous hat!!

  4. Absolutely Pamela...and with Ascot coming up all the stores are bursting with hats...but to find the right one, now that is the trick. Good suggestion for a future post. I love hats!!
    Have you checked out Philip Treacy...might be good for ideas too:)

  5. Oh Jeanne, I am sooo ready for a shopping spree in London, Love all these shops.

  6. Jeanne, thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog.

    Would love to receive the lovely bag, quite a saga! will give you my real name and address again.

    Elaine Tweedy
    Maison Monique
    9 Rue Du Chateau

  7. The city Luxe guides are wonderful aren't they? I know the first two shops but have not been to the others - that hat shop is to die for!! And you asked about my hat I wore to my sister's wedding and whether it was English or Australian - the answer is English - may do a post about where I got it from later on ....x

  8. Dear Jeanne - looks as if you are having lots of fun working your way through London! I have a dream of walking into French Sole and finding the perfect pump, soft and slipper like but I think I must have odd feet! They just don't seem to fit! Or maybe I'm just not a 'pump' girl after all...I love your comment about realising that you are here to stay for a while - I have found on lots of recent trips to London I come back empty handed and am content to 'window shop' - when I was on a limited time frame and knew as you put it so well, that the plane was departing, it was a different story...
    Happy (window) shopping x

  9. What lovely stores for browsing! I have to confess, I sometimes feel intimidated by the smart London shops, as if I don't belong. [Which is silly coz I can afford them if I choose to, it's just I tend not to want to part with the dough :) ]
    The Lulu Guinness bag is really pretty though and I did once buy a pair of French Sole shoes.