Chelsea Flower Show: Flowering Dubarry's

Loving these flowering Dubarry boots 
at the Chelsea Flower Show last week.

If you have been following me for a while, 
you will know that I am crazy about these boots.

Can't get enough of them,
which is why I especially loved taking these photos.

More on the Show @ Collage of Life

images by Jeanne Henriques

Men in Kilts

I meant to include this photo in a post I wrote yesterday on Prince Charles.
I just love a good laugh and he certainly seems to be having a good one.....

Kilts have been on my mind today.
Men in kilts to be precise.
The post on Prince Charles and his impeccable wardrobe
generated some interesting comments. I discovered that many women
enjoy seeing a man in a kilt.

You probably know where I am going with this.....

King George IV looking as regal as ever

Ewan McGregor in red

Gerard Butler in pink

The man himself, Sean Connery

Mark Jacobs doing his thing...

Prince Charles then..

Prince Charles now

I have to say that while
Gerard Butler looks good in anything,
even pink,
I still think Prince Charles
wins in the best dressed kilt category!

I am taking a break from kilts now...
Mr. H is very excited by
 this new found fascination of mine.

He loves kilts
and that worries me :)

52 Weekends by the Sea

I had the good fortune to take a journey to the seaside town of East Dean
 to begin the most glorious trek of the Seven Sisters along the South Downs coast.

You can read more about my day at Collage of Life.
It was spectacular!

More importantly, the day began here...
at Frith and Little cafe and deli
The Green
East Dean

It is a wonderful spot with the most delicious sandwiches.
I pre-ordered my picnic lunch and they had it waiting for me when I arrived. 
Great service! 

I also spied this book 
52 Weekends by the Sea 
by Brigid Benson and Craig Easton
and knew at first glance that I had to have it.

I think Rick Stein says it best in the Foreword:

Craig's work seems to constitute one of the finest collections of photography as art; all his pictures have a sort of mesmerising quality, which in the case of our pictures of the people and scenes of Padstow create an unforgettable atmosphere of our lovely part of the country. His photographs in 52 Weekends by the Sea do the same thing for some of the most beautiful and interesting parts of coastal Britain. Brigid writes with warmth and appreciation of communities that she knows and loves, and she inspires us to explore them.

All and all it was a great day.
great walk
great food
great reading
 great memory

I don't think it get's any better than that!

Image 1 and 4-7 ~ The Independent
Images 2 and 3 ~ me

The Lake District: Hutton-in-the-Forest

It felt like time was standing still the day we visited Hutton-in-the-Forest.
 It was early spring and we arrived an hour before closing. 
Not a soul was in sight except for two caretakers attending the gardens.
We wondered if they could possibly be the owners.
There was something about them....

We took our time, taking it all in. 
You couldn't help but wonder of the families, children and animals 
that played on these grounds before us. 
The house dates back to 1637.
I wandered in the woods and came across five little gravestones, 
markers for family pets dating back to 1890. 
I wondered about the boy or girl who played with 'Nell' 
and the tears they would have shed at her passing.

It is like that everywhere I go in England. 
You can't help but want to live in the past...if only for a moment.

I think of Hutton-in-the-Forest and how it will look on a summer's day.
I am sure it will be magnificent.
If you travel to the English Lake District this summer, 
travel to this wonderful estate in Penrith, Cumbria.
Be sure to write and tell me about it, I would love to know.

Images 1-6: me
Images 7-8: here

Sloane in Bloom at Jo Malone

Next week is the week to be in Sloane Square.
I have been reading all about it.
Sloane in Bloom will be on show
25 May- 29 May

Sloane area retailers will be in full bloom with beautiful floral displays.
A week long affair with judging by the Royal Horticultural Society
for the prestigious Sloane in Bloom medal.

Even better, the Jo Malone Sloane Street store 
is offering summer refreshments and
a complimentary Hand & Arm Massage. 
All this while viewing 
the floral displays inspired by the 
White Tie and Tiara Fragrance.
A new fragrance!
24 May - 29 May 2010

England: Stonehenge

I heard mixed reviews about Stonehenge.
It brought mack memories of my comment a few years
back, before seeing Uluru* in Australia.
'It is just a rock' I said to the travel agent.
'Can't we fly over it on our way to Broome 
and just look out the window'?

I am so thankful she said 'no'.
It was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life.
I now love rocks, not sure why, but I find them fascinating. 
I could not wait to see Stonehenge and I was not disappointed.

You just have to open your eyes and look
...there is so much to see.

**Stonehenge is Britain's greatest ancient temple, 
dating from about 3000 to 1600 BC.
The enclosure was aligned to face the midsummer sunrise 
in one direction and the midwinter sunset in the opposite direction. 
The stones are said to have come from as far as west Wales 
and arranged in about 2300 BC. 
The ariel view of Stonehenge is just as remarkable 
as the structure at ground level.

*Uluru, Australia

Stonehenge~ me

David Gentleman's London

What is there not to love about Hatchard's book store on Picaddilly in London?
Every time I go in there I come out wanting more.  
If you stop in, be sure to pick up the 
Spring and Summer Collection 2010 catalog. 
It has beautiful illustraions by the very the talented artist, David Gentleman. 
The Antique Collector's Club will be releasing 
'David Gentleman's London' by David Gentleman in July 2010. 
I have my eye on this one and can not wait!

Images~ Hatchard's

Spirit of Summer Fair: Life of Riley

I stopped in at the Spirit of Summer Fair in Olympia today. 
It was everything I hoped for and more.
Perfect for the new kid on the block. 
I could be posting on this for ages.

 One of my favourite stalls was 'Life of Riley'. 
I am loving their leather goods, 
especially the stationary and jewelry boxes. 
The perfect place to shop for Father's Day. 
Love the company name too!

One more day to ends on the 16th May.
Can't wait for the Spirit of Christmas Fair 
3-7 November 2010

Chelsea Flower Show...nearly here

It is nearly here, if you haven't booked your tickets, now is the time.

25-29 May 2010
Royal Hospital
Chelsea, London

and then after that

6-11 July 2010
Hampton Court Palace

Beauty and Light: Salisbury Cathedral

Power, beauty and light are three words 
that came to mind as I stood in Salisbury Cathedral.  
When I toured museums and cathedrals throughout Europe 
in my 20's my thoughts were on how many hours 
it would be before we could hit the town.

 Now....much older and wiser, 
I stand in awe, not wanting to leave. 
The peace, serenity, beauty and light embrace you. 
It is majestic and all powerful. 
You can feel what came before you 
and can't help but imagine. 
Now, if only my children 
had that same sense of wonder.....

Images~Jeanne Henriques