52 Weekends by the Sea

I had the good fortune to take a journey to the seaside town of East Dean
 to begin the most glorious trek of the Seven Sisters along the South Downs coast.

You can read more about my day at Collage of Life.
It was spectacular!

More importantly, the day began here...
at Frith and Little cafe and deli
The Green
East Dean

It is a wonderful spot with the most delicious sandwiches.
I pre-ordered my picnic lunch and they had it waiting for me when I arrived. 
Great service! 

I also spied this book 
52 Weekends by the Sea 
by Brigid Benson and Craig Easton
and knew at first glance that I had to have it.

I think Rick Stein says it best in the Foreword:

Craig's work seems to constitute one of the finest collections of photography as art; all his pictures have a sort of mesmerising quality, which in the case of our pictures of the people and scenes of Padstow create an unforgettable atmosphere of our lovely part of the country. His photographs in 52 Weekends by the Sea do the same thing for some of the most beautiful and interesting parts of coastal Britain. Brigid writes with warmth and appreciation of communities that she knows and loves, and she inspires us to explore them.

All and all it was a great day.
great walk
great food
great reading
 great memory

I don't think it get's any better than that!

Image 1 and 4-7 ~ The Independent
Images 2 and 3 ~ me


  1. Now that is a book I would like to have written myself!! I can just imagine the wonderful research.

  2. gorgeous... love it all... esp the sandwiches... nothing like a great sandwich... xx

  3. That is a great day! I am a little jealous, but if anyone had to have it besides me, I am glad it was you! Good luck on the giveaway! (I think the BBC did a special on the project too, FYI)

  4. Isn't water magical? I live in the States, in Michigan, where we have access to 4 of the 5 great lakes. I love our lakes dearly, and cannot imagine life in a world without water. So pretty...