Inside, Outside at the V&A

Inside, outside view at the Victoria and Albert Museum.
I have spent so much time there recently that I have decided to become a member.
Such a special place. If you ever need to get away from it all whilst in London,
this is the place to go...I visited twice last week and often times felt like I had it all to myself :)

notice the little friend at her side..
a coincidental shot ;)



  1. It is someplace that has always been at the top of my things to do in London list, but sadly, I haven't gotten to London yet! You're so very lucky to live so close. I love these photos, especially the little surprise companion in the last. Adorable!

  2. * stunning photos....all of lucky girl !! *

  3. Is that a sea gull?

    How do they keep it clean? Those floors are spotless. No dust on the artefacts either. Quite a feather duster they must use. xx

  4. Will you be horrified if I say I don't think I've ever been? I'm not a hugely museum-y person and although I made it to some of the other biggies, not the V&A. Your photos are definitely making me wonder what I missed.