Men in Kilts

I meant to include this photo in a post I wrote yesterday on Prince Charles.
I just love a good laugh and he certainly seems to be having a good one.....

Kilts have been on my mind today.
Men in kilts to be precise.
The post on Prince Charles and his impeccable wardrobe
generated some interesting comments. I discovered that many women
enjoy seeing a man in a kilt.

You probably know where I am going with this.....

King George IV looking as regal as ever

Ewan McGregor in red

Gerard Butler in pink

The man himself, Sean Connery

Mark Jacobs doing his thing...

Prince Charles then..

Prince Charles now

I have to say that while
Gerard Butler looks good in anything,
even pink,
I still think Prince Charles
wins in the best dressed kilt category!

I am taking a break from kilts now...
Mr. H is very excited by
 this new found fascination of mine.

He loves kilts
and that worries me :)


  1. What a great post! I love men in kilts, also; and agree that Prince Charles wears them well! Cassandra ♥

  2. Mr Connery looks great, as do the other chaps, but I suspect this is a look that not every man could pull off!