Antiquites in the Afternoon

We live around the corner from a regular venue for Antiques Fairs. It is a mix of genuine antiques and a little bit of this and that and probably more on that latter. I have popped in once before but found it  overwhelming and decided I was not ready for antiques. Today I felt a bit more confident and tried again. I have to mention that I had a friend with me who is German and has a nose for what is good and what it not. She has that singular eye that picks out the best of the bunch. We both gravitated to the same things which I considered a good sign. 

I wandered and pondered and looked some more and at the end decided that antiques or not (and in this case, not) that I would just have to go with my gut reaction and go back to the things I loved. There were many but the ones I settled on were my treasure and only mine. They were all reasonably priced and it was all as simple as that.

two glazed ginger jars  
which were quickly filled with cuttings from the garden

Hancock Sampson Old Woodstock soup and dinner platees
I liked these because they are generous in size 
and deep enough to use for lots of different dishes.
A nice change from my everyday white for summer.

I could not resist these soldiers
for my 10 year old son who loves military history.
They seem to be hand painted with calendars 
on some dating in the 1930's, 40's and 50's.
I particularly like the man in black lurking
in the background...
I think he is my favourite purchase of all!

Nothing precious, just fun!

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  1. I'm like you; I could use a more confident friend to help in these situations!
    I love the plates you found.

  2. Half the fun is the browsing and poking about - looks like you have unearthed some good treasures though Jeanne! x

  3. Hi Jeanne,
    You found great things! Ginger jars are a classic. If you're ever in France I'll show you the French equivalent.