Quintessentially English

One for the diary!
'Quintessentially English'
30 June-17 July 

By Rebecca Campbell
A series of oil paintings on linen.
The artist 'invites us into the drawing room of the English Eccentric, 
displaying a love of exotic fauna, imported decadence and wild animals. 
These paintings in particular have been influenced by Indian Mogul miniatures.'

20 Park Walk

Images and text from Jonathan Cooper
as seen in Country Life


  1. Beautiful! And yes, very English!

  2. Wow, those are fabulous. LOVE those pale shades... Thanks for sharing!

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  4. I am sorry I will miss this Jeanne....it looks wonderful, xv.

  5. Fascinating exhibit...The first reminds me of the imported-from England antique wallpaper in the Lee Drawing Room of the Blair House (the President's guest house) here in Washington, DC - almost identical!!! Thanks, Jeanne, for sharing with us this wonderful exhibit! Cassandra ♥

  6. i love your site because i love everything english... the people, the countryside, the villages, and london!
    i found you again thru kim at golden pines.
    now i know why i lost you before. i'd forgotten the name of your blog. i right click and save to favorites (which i had tried to do with yours) but a warning comes up that says it's copywrited or something...) i don't want to steal anything! i simply want to be able to click on it from my favorites bar!
    guess i'll write it on a paper and keep by my computer. maybe my old memory will kick in.
    breathtaking site... irritating little message for new visitors!
    felt a little insulted. but i guess you have to protect your pictures? anyway, thanks.