The Wonderful Weekend Book

What can I say, this truly is The Wonderful Weekend Book
In fact, it is that and much more. 
I discovered it in a small local bookshop and 
from that point onwards it has stayed by my side. 
I read, I mark, I pencil, I scribble and go back and do it again. 

I would recommend this book for any newcomer to England. 
It is so much more than it's title. 

Open the book and you will find...

Things to do: Year Round
Seasonal Pleasures: Spring
Seasonal Pleasures: Summer
Seasonal Pleasures: Autumn
Seasonal Pleasures: Winter
Having Guests and Going Away
A New Approach to Chores
Bring Back Sunday

I have a travel journal for England. 
The first few pages are marked 'Vicki' for Vicki Archer @ French Essence
She created her own list of favourite things to do and see in London 
and I have been following those faithfully. 
After Vicki, I have pages devoted to 'Elspeth', the author of this book.
Today I added her suggestions on where to rent weekend cottages in England, 
where to go to see the best view of the city lights as they transition from day into evening 
and a few of her favourite galleries at the Tate Britain and V&A. is so much more than just a weekend book!

Sadly, Elspeth passed away a few months ago. 
I miss the idea that she is no longer writing.
She had a wonderful blog, was a keen gardener and a 
regular writer for The Sunday Telegraph.

Justine Picardie, another writer I admire, 
wrote a wonderful post about Elspeth.
I highly recommend it. 

Elspeth Thompson

I started this blog after reading  The Wonderful Weekend Book.
My first post is here.

With Elspeth in my thoughts, I will continue to Find My Way 
around England and Beyond and will remember her fondly as I do.

One last thing, 
while we are on wonderful writers,
check this out..

I loved this book too!


  1. Thanks so much for the Justine Picardy book recommendation Jeanne... Hope you are still enjoying finding out new things about England....Love the weekend book - it's great!x

  2. I adore book recommendations! I haven't heard of Justine Picardie and will look her up immediately.

    So sad about Elspeth Thompson. I was so shocked when she died. She will be, and is, greatly missed.

  3. This book looks amazing - looks like a book I would love to read and even more love to write. I just ordered a copy for myself and one for my daughter, who is soon moving to Bichester, England. She will love it.

    I am a new follower to this blog and your other beautiful blog. What a happy find.

    Blessings on your weekend, Jeanne.

  4. Jeanne, thank you so much for your recommendation for 'The Wonderful Weekend Book' I am looking forward to delving into it.

    Thank you too for introducing me to Elspeth Thomson, it is a sad tale and will make reading her book even more special.


  5. Sounds like a great book! Hope you have a lovely week! x