English Pedal Power

Bikes, bikes everywhere...in the city, in the country. 
The message is out there to get out and ride and 
do something for the enviroment and your health.

For you city riders:

For you country riders:
The National Trust has downloadable cycle rides.

To all this I say.....

Top image: London Cyclist
Middle image: Bike Radar
Bottom Image - ©NTPL/John Miller - 

The view north at sunset at Devil's Dyke, South Downs, Sussex.

A kid at heart...

I sat on a plane recently and was in movie heaven watching Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang. A little slice of English childhood. The kind of stuff that dreams are made of. Very sweet!

Kate and William..

Prince William and Kate Middleton, an engagement announcement ?
All this speculation in the tabloids, imagine the excitement if they do!!

I am off to the Land of the Long White Cloud...more here:
Back in two weeks with more travels ...next stop, Scotland :)

Enjoying the beauty of it...

How nice would it be to have one of these little beauties tucked away in your home, to find a spot where you could pass it every day and enjoy the beauty of it. I discovered these at Polesden Lacey, a National Trust property in Surrey and have not been able to stop admiring them since.  Mrs. Greville was one lucky lady.

RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2010

I went, I saw, I conquered!

This pretty much sums up how I felt when I left the 
It was huge..33 acres worth!
It was hot..28C
It was mind boggling...so much to see!
It was fun!

Did I mention that it is the largest annual flower show in the world? Should I have thought to note that little fact before I tottered off?  Yes!  The theme this year was Shakespearean with the addition of Girlguiding UK centenary celebrations. This was a family flower show. It was hands on for the kids..there were many wonderful exhibits all done by local schools and organisations.  
The displays were impressive. Everyone shopped here. You had to look up, down and all around to make sure you did not collide with people, plants or gardening trolleys.  My hat goes off to the English shoppers...they have the best devices for shopping around London streets and showgrounds! So..how did I view the 2010 RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show? I did my usual, I wondered, I pondered, I took photos of what interested me. They all go into a memory file. It is growing in leaps and bounds.....

Walking thru the grounds of Hampton Court Palace 
to get to the Flower Show.

Here is what caught my eye...

By this point, I looked over yonder and thought it was time to call it a day.
After all, there is next year too....

So off I went, with the crowds...

and it wasn't long before I looked at this...

and this.. 

and happily and tiredly went in search of a quiet moment or two for myself.
Lucky for me...this bench was calling my name :)

What a day, what a show!


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Blooming English

I feel a change coming on...
I am Blooming English.
It is a change from my Kiwi Black.

Something is coming over me
and I am off to Anthropologie!


images from Anthropologie