English Pedal Power

Bikes, bikes everywhere...in the city, in the country. 
The message is out there to get out and ride and 
do something for the enviroment and your health.

For you city riders:

For you country riders:
The National Trust has downloadable cycle rides.

To all this I say.....

Top image: London Cyclist
Middle image: Bike Radar
Bottom Image - ©NTPL/John Miller - 

The view north at sunset at Devil's Dyke, South Downs, Sussex.


  1. Perfect! I still haven't picked out my new bicycle - this is great inspiration and very cute!

  2. My fiance would love this post since he is in the bicycle industry... Great post!

  3. I am training for a 50km cycle end August so am trying to do 20km average a few times a week. Great fun and I have a removable basket for the shopping!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and comments on Poisonwood Bible - it is a life-changer, isn't it?

  4. Have you been to Cambridge or Oxford yet? They are literally teeming with cyclists! Kind of scary, as a car driver...

  5. Fabulous Jeanne
    sounds like you are really enjoying your bike.. I should get mine out this summer.. but won't be as stylish as yours!!

    sorry i took so long to get over to this post... darn internet!!! I really need to change providers..

    Have a lovely weekend and fab trip.. xxx Julie