RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2010

I went, I saw, I conquered!

This pretty much sums up how I felt when I left the 
It was huge..33 acres worth!
It was hot..28C
It was mind boggling...so much to see!
It was fun!

Did I mention that it is the largest annual flower show in the world? Should I have thought to note that little fact before I tottered off?  Yes!  The theme this year was Shakespearean with the addition of Girlguiding UK centenary celebrations. This was a family flower show. It was hands on for the kids..there were many wonderful exhibits all done by local schools and organisations.  
The displays were impressive. Everyone shopped here. You had to look up, down and all around to make sure you did not collide with people, plants or gardening trolleys.  My hat goes off to the English shoppers...they have the best devices for shopping around London streets and showgrounds! So..how did I view the 2010 RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show? I did my usual, I wondered, I pondered, I took photos of what interested me. They all go into a memory file. It is growing in leaps and bounds.....

Walking thru the grounds of Hampton Court Palace 
to get to the Flower Show.

Here is what caught my eye...

By this point, I looked over yonder and thought it was time to call it a day.
After all, there is next year too....

So off I went, with the crowds...

and it wasn't long before I looked at this...

and this.. 

and happily and tiredly went in search of a quiet moment or two for myself.
Lucky for me...this bench was calling my name :)

What a day, what a show!


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  1. Jeanne, I enjoy the way you take full advantage of the good things to do around you.

    My favorite picture was the rock fence, pretty cup and stack of books, surrounded by the gardens.

    Did you buy anything fun?


  2. Jeanne - you are a brave woman! I hesitated about booking my ticket and thought I would just decide on the day....when it was so hot on Friday I abandoned the idea and decided to join my resident sightseers inside the cool rooms of Hampton Court instead! It looks marvellous & I love your photos - now I feel like such a flake!!! You braved the heat and the crowds and lived to tell the tale! Hope yuou had a lovely restful weekend x

  3. Glenda..I did manage a few things but nothing to do with gardening! The hat featured in my Summer Sunday post amongst other things. I love shopping at at these sort of events!

    Susie..I looked longingly over at Hampton Court thinking how peaceful it must be inside. You had the right idea. It was a zoo but for a first timer like me it was fun. I might think differently next year :)

  4. Wow! I would have been in my glory I must say. I have been to Hampton Court Palace when I took a trip over to Europe in my mid 20's, nice little reminder to me how spectacular the history is. But the flowers, oh the flowers, I would have wanted to bring home armfuls of bouquets along with a enormous box of anti-histamines for my soon to be sneezing, dripping nose!

  5. I loved this post. So beautiful!!! Thanks so much for sharing and for your comments :) Hope you are well...

  6. Another lovely post Jeanne showing just the very essence of the Flower Show! I do not know if you have discovered Wimbledon Village yet - although not as villagey as it used to be it still has charm! There are a couple of hidden gems though that you may not have found yet - Southside House which is situated next to Kings college school on the common - you must go I know you will love it - google it for opening info and the little Wimbledon Museum (not the tennis one) which is along the Ridgeway next to the Wimbledon Village Club and finally Canezaro House for afternoon tea or a early evening drink on the terrace! Hope you enjoy!

  7. gilliecoco 28--You are a dream...thank you!!! I haven't heard of any of them and I am sure I will love them all. I have been to Wimbledon Village a few times and enjoy poking around. I will come back and post about your suggestions!! You have such great ones :)

  8. Oh gosh. I'm sure you were exhausted but these images are gorgeous. Can you hear me sighing with bitter sweet regret all the way across the Atlantic? :)

  9. PS - just read Gilliecoco's comment too. Have you been to Barnes village? That's quite a nice one to rumble around, too...

  10. AnonymousJuly 16, 2010

    Love that easel in the garden.. It's so quaint!


  11. Beautiful pictures!! Thank you for sharing your lovely experience, it was a pleasure to read and look at!

    All Good Things Organic

  12. Dear Jeanne, So sorry we didn't make it to Hampton Court with you but I think the heat would have defeated Suzannah. How amazing it looks - definitely I am coming back on my own next time to potter around all these lovely quintessential English things. P xo

  13. Oh Jeanne it all looks so wonderful! Your photos are beautiful and you've given such a lovely overview of the day. Such a hard decision to make for next year - CFF Show again or this gorgeous place. Hope you're having a wonderful time in NZ - enjoy! Leigh

  14. jeanne what a great and fun experience!!

    I have a new giveaway on my site!!

    Art by Karena

  15. Hi Jeanne, Will you be visiting Hampton Court Flower Show in 2011? I will be creating a Show Garden for WWF ... it will be an interesting journey I expect - the other ones have been. I am wondering about sharing the experience on a blog too ... yours are inspiring and the photography is beautiful. I feel a joy around reading your experiences this Sunday morning. Thank you. Fiona