Boots all and end all?

Since moving to the UK it seems the product of choice for 
most English women is Boots No. 7 skin care line.  I have to admit I just didn't get it.
I have gone in to the stores several times and looked and wondered but have left in frustration.
Where is the consultant who knows it all?  I need someone to guide me, 
to take me by the hand and say 'this is what you need'. 
To which I will respond, 'Oh yes, wise one, tell me more.'
No luck.

I have learned that when you are on to a good thing....stick with it.

I am faithful to three and only three:

I just can't leave home without them.

So..... I read this article in the New York Times this morning that talked about
Boots No. 7 and the excitement around it now being sold in a 
new Target store in Manhattan. It appears they love it too. 
My curiosity peaked.

Off I went to our local Boots store to try again. 
With notes in hand I decided on three.

No. 7 Skin Illuminator- Radiance boosting beauty fluid
No. 7 Protect and Perfect Eye Cream
No. 7 Instant Illusion- Wrinkle Filler

I guess this is a clear indicator of my age group :)

Here's the scoop:

I picked up the eye cream because I have run out of my usual. Not as hydrating as what I am use to but I am willing to give it a go. 

I laughed through the application of the skin illuminator thinking that perhaps I should have started with less. Memories of the tin man in The Wizard of Oz were appearing in my mind. Perhaps wearing it alone is not ideal for mature skin. I added a bit of my foundation and you know what? I liked it :)

Lastly, the wrinkle filler. Surely not I thought. I put into action that raised eyebrow surprised look that results in lines across the brow and applied. Hmmm...maybe a little powder over the top of that.
Well, I'll be, it actually works.

So, I just had to share as I know some of my lovely readers are English 
who I am sure have beautiful skin and will have their own thoughts on the brand. 

What do you think? 
Should I consider the skin care line too?

PS..I should mention that I am doing all this as I pack for trip to Scotland...
where it is cool and rainy. I bet they have beautiful skin too. 
Off to see men in kilts at The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.


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  1. I use the 3 in one makeup wipes. Easy and gentle on your skin. And the best is no more black-smeared washcloths at the sink. Mascara and all in one fell swoop and a breeze for packing!

  2. Dear Jeanne,
    I have been using a Boots No 7 eyeshadow for too many years to remember & I sent the protect and perfect products to my sister in law in Australia on a regular basis....I like the sound of your illuminator - next time I find myself in Boots I shall pick one up! Thanks for the tip - enjoy the spectacle of the tatoo!! They actually transported the whole thing to Sydney once but with a cardboard but-out version of Edinburgh Castle as the backdrop, somehow it just wasn't the same!! Happy weekend x

  3. I had always wondered about Boots, having seen it so often in Britain. Well, I finally tried a lipstick last month and it's now my new favourite. I've yet to try the skin care line as, like you, I have my usuals and am reluctant to change. But this intrigues me....

    I'll be checking back on the comments!

  4. Jeanne - sorry - cardboard CUT out!!!! x

  5. Laura Mercier is a favourite too! xx

  6. I know what you mean about this range, I am English and yet somehow I've never 'got' it either. Maybe because I have grown up with it and it has always been a bit safe and didn't have glamour. But then there was this test that showed that the protect and perfect serum was the one product out of a number of anti ageing creams that was proven to work, and suddenly everyone went mad. I grew up in Nottingham which is the home of Boots (had to get that in!) and people were queueing round the block at 4 am when it came back in stock (all husbands of course, dispatched to get it for sleeping wives!). I still am not excited about it but I think in terms of results and how good it is, you are on safe ground. If I came to England now and Boots was a novelty, I'd use it. Possibly. So many brands, so little time!

    I just bought an expensive mascara today, minutes later asked the sales assistant how come her lashes looked so amazing. Miss Sporty, £1.50!!!, apparently. So I threw that in too, it's all about layering!

  7. Hi Jeanne - I have to say I do like the Protect and Perfect beauty serum stuff and it really does help to make my skin smooth going on under moisturiser but it is not something I 'cannot live without' That said, Boots No 7 is well priced and the products are good... Enjoy Scotland. x

  8. All righty then, I'll try it too. Can't tell you the number of times I've seen it at Target and thought what is all the fuss about? I am a complete fan of Laura Mercier foundation primer & tinted moisturizer & powder blush, but think I could use a little 'illumination' myself.

  9. Just come across your lovely blog - its great seeing my home country through fresh eyes! I use the No.7 Protect and Perfect Intense serum, and the day and night cream and really like how they feel -sink in well and not greasy at all. They do lack the glam factor but they are work-a-day staples that do the job as well as a lot of much more expensive stuff.

    I also have 4 kids and a spaniel!!

  10. Okay, I am a lover of ROC... can you get that over there... because it really works on the wrinkles... I am 42 and get mistaken for 34 all the time... although it might have to do with my fat face... fat came plump out the wrinkles too you know... LOL

  11. I have to admit I don't understand the fuss either Jeanne but am willing to try....I am a Laura Mercier fan of the tinted moisturiser too, xv.

  12. Interesting to read your thoughts! I've tried the famous no. 7 products too but am useless at brand loyalty so got bored and moved on, willing to look that bit older in the name of Consumer Choice. Once they add rose scent, I'll be back like a shot.

  13. Enjoyed this posting, Jeanne, and all the comments! I just yesterday saw a report on "Entertainment Tonight" featuring Boots cosmetics from Target being applied to one of the actresses who won an Emmy award this past week! I have to admit that I am now curious and may have to check out this line at my local Target. My current favorites/staples are Lancome's "Champagne" Le Rouge Absolu lipstick, Dead Sea Primier's Intensive Age Treatment Cream from Israel, and - for a summer glow - a powdered bronzer - gloMineral's "gloBronze" distributed in Europe by Caleel+Hayden in Amsterdam. Cassandra ♥

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