War Horse @ New London Theatre

Still thinking about the most amazing 
theatre production we went to see this week.
at the New London Theatre

"War Horse is a thrilling and spectacular production based on the celebrated novel by Michael Morpurgo.
The First World War is the backdrop for this tale of bravery, loyalty, and the extraordinary bond between a young recruit and his horse.
Actors, working with astonishing life-sized puppets by the internationally renowned Handspring Puppet Company, take audiences on an unforgettable journey through history."

We took the our 10 year old son and he
was in awe...just as we were.
It's a winner!

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  1. I took our eldest two boys to this about a year ago, and we were equally blown away. Since then, certain scenes come back to mind now and again, it is one that really stays with you.

    They must have had an army of equine experts training those puppet masters! Glad you loved it too.

  2. Wow.... It looks really interesting Jeanne! I love going to the theatre!

  3. I would love to see this.....soon....I hope, xv.

  4. I haven't heard about this! I'm off to learn more! Thanks, and Happy Sunday!!

  5. Jeanne,
    Just found your blog--enjoyed it so much, so I will be following in the days to come. An American, living in London, we share some things in common. I too, loved War Horse. Did you know that Steven Spielberg is making a movie of War Horse, and he is in England right now filming it? Can't wait to see it....