Finding My Way...Again

One of the follies of trying to 'find my way' is that
I frequently get lost. I set off on Saturday morning
in search of a playing field to watch my son's soccer match.
It was when someone mentioned...'look for the unmarked road and turn left'
that I knew I was going to be in trouble. Lucky for me, I sent my son
ahead with his Dad.

Of course, I passed the unmarked road, as you do, when you
have cars behind you who are not happy with you
travelling at a snail's pace looking for a
mysterious road.

But then, a funny thing happened along the way to the playing fields.
I pulled into what I discovered to be one of many 
unmarked roads and came across a charming church.

 One minute I was cursing English country roads 
and the next minute I was sitting in front of a church.
Was someone trying to tell me something?
Before I knew it I was out of the car and wandering around.
 The clock was ticking but I just had to see.

What is that expression, I was lost but now I am found?
Must have been those few moments of peace because 
finding the playing fields from the church was a snap.

Dad and son were happy to see Mom drive up the road.
Mom was happy too :)

Note to self...never leave home without a post code for the navigating system!



  1. Sometimes one finds the most unexpected things when "lost" the purple striped uniforms.



  2. Glad you found the place in the end Jeanne and what a beautiful church to see on the way. x