Fondness for Pimlico

I have a special fondness for Pimlico. It is where it all began for our family. 
Mr. H moved to London a year before our arrival in December 2009. 
We managed seeing each other over school holidays and on two occasions
we came to London. Once in April as a family and the last in November, 
on my own, to find a home.

We have fond memories of the time we shared
in the little flat along the Thames River.
So much fun to go back now and follow in my footsteps.
Remembering the days when I walked with
uncertainty over the move from New Zealand to England.

Window shopping in the early hours of the morning...


Stopping in at the local cafe for a coffee..

Taking in the peace and quiet of the park in St. Georges Square...
(more thoughts here)

Appreciating the personalities of the people who reside in these buildings
thru their flowers and ornaments...



A familiar stride to the Tate Britain

and the embrace of Henry Moore as you enter.

Lastly, my favourite painting on my last visit to the Tate on this visit,

My fondness for Pimlico will always remain.

And on that note, the train beckons as school pick-up time draws near.
I leave this time, not by plane back to New Zealand, but by train,
on my way Surrey.

Knowing that I will be back again :)

Around and about Pimlico, UK

Out and about around Pimlico....


  1. The Tate also has works by two of my favorite artists, Samuel Palmer ('A Hilly Scene', 'The Magic Apple Tree'), and Edward Calvert, whose tiny woodcut 'The Chamber Idyll' brings tears to my eyes. If they are in the stacks you have all the fun of asking for them in advance!

    Have you been to the Poetry Library too, on the South Bank?

  2. Thanks so much Tricia, I love suggestions like this. I will be sure to note them. I had never heard of the Poetry Library and quickly went to google it. I just had a look at the website and had a play a creating a virtual poem...I got as far as 'cascading windows'. I will be sure to stop in on my next visit. Thanks so much for these wonderful suggestions!

  3. Your photographs are absolutely beautiful! I am so enjoying the tour!

  4. Ooh, Jeanne! Thanks so much for showing this pretty corner of London to us. It's just delightful to see the everyday sights you see - you really take us into your world. J x

  5. Thanks Muffy and Jane, this is when I really appreciate blogging..comments like yours!

  6. My very great pleasure, Jeanne! I just realised you have yet another gorgeous blog - how do you find the time?! J x

  7. answer to your questions as to how I find the time for more than one blog...little spurts of energy but I often wonder what I was thinking! It cuts into my reading time for other blogs whish is something i regret :(
    This is something I do not recommmend with small children! Yours is perfect just the way it is :)

  8. Dear Jeanne - thank you for that wonderful tour - I am sitting tearing my hair out, having been told that as part of my initiation to the degree course, I shall have to undertake a numerical assessment next week! Not having done anything numerical (apart from punching buttons on a calculator) for a good part of 30 years, I am filled with terror - all my attempts to 'brush up' are leaving me feeling even more unprepared so your tour of Pimlico was a wonderful distraction today! I think I shall go into Bath for some retail therapy and come back to the dreaded maths later..thanks Jeanne - happy weekend and if you have any miraculous tricks to get through a numeracy test please let me have them.....quick!!!!!!! xx

  9. Susie...Trust me if I could offer help I would! I have enough problems remembering my age let alone a numeracy test. Saying that, wise woman that you are I have a feeling you will pull this off effortlessly. Just a gut feel :)

    I would say, retail therapy is definitely in order as well as a relaxing break in a cafe with your favourite book and be sure to pick up a bottle of your favourite Australian wine on the way home for the weekend. It is good for the concentration :))

    If you drive into Bath via Walcot sure to check out a neat shop on the right before you enter town. It had a wonderful leather chair and ottoman in the window. It may be gone, it was that beautiful. I wanted to take a picture for you but we passed to quickly. I wrote down the name of the shop somewhere....this is up there with trying to remember my age. I will find the name somewhere...

    Ok enough said...I promised myself I would not spend to much time on the computer today but I saw your note and just had to comment! xx

  10. Found it! (see previous note)
    The shop was Walcot Upholstery and Furnishings.
    The chair and ottoman were in the window.
    I got the impression that they were well loved.
    I wanted to stop but I knew the family would
    go into a full fledge winge if I did!

    Jeanne xxx

  11. Love all the iron fences and balconies. Are any of the balconies actually functional, or are they just decorative? I find it interesting to see so many of them in pictures of London, as the American city best know for that sort of thing is New Orleans, which is very, very French!

  12. Such a wonderful post.
    Those flowers along the railing over the doorway.
    So lovely.

  13. Very nice group of images!

  14. Such lovely photos, I love the way you've shared that little corner of London :)

  15. Loved your piece of Pimlico and all the fab English photos. They look so beautiful, full of green and charm. Love to visit next time I am in the UK Carla

  16. Sigh. I remember living in London in the 1980's as an Aussie backpacker/student/nanny/kitchen hand/office dogsbody. Fond memories of a crazy, footloose time. You take me right back. So close I can smell it. =)

  17. Yes, in my frequent fantasies about where in London I would live if I won the Lottery (and these go quite far, I have whole conversations with agents about how money is no object!) I do often return to Pimlico despite more obvious ''desirable areas''. I like a lot of things about it, some you point to in your pictures and words. But one thing that I like a lot is that of the various 'big' facets of London that neighbouring areas become hangers on to, Pimlico is next to not shopping, not theatre-land, not the city etc, but to Westminster and politics.

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  19. I have never, ever, been to Pimlico. The amount of times I wondered to myself, shall I just not go to work today and stay on the bus and go an explore Pimilico. But I never did. The furthest South I ever went on the 24 was to Parliament Square.