A Million Miles Away in Little Venice

I woke up on Friday morning with two choices before me.  

Put on my organizational hat and spend the day
creating a calm and happy home for the weekend.

Toss the organizational hat out the window 
and hop the train into London for a little adventure.

Not a tough decision.

Adventure of choice
Location: London, just north of Paddington, 
where the Grand Union and Regent's Canals meet.  
A place you can see by boat along the winding waterways 
or by foot along the tow path. Regent's Park and the London Zoo 
are en route along with the regency streets of Maida Vale.

Want to go somewhere where you feel like you are a 
million miles away from London?
Try this spot.

Along the waterway...

And a walk thru the colourful lined streets

to Clifton Nurseries along Clifton Villas 

to the hidden gem...Primrose Hill 

Little surprises along the way


What would life be without a little adventure now and again?



  1. This is going on my list . . . for sure ~ "Places to Visit when our Daughter moves to Bichester." You continue to find the great spots.

    Are you organizing at home now? I love organizing things.


  2. Ah, Primrose Hill - my favorite stomping ground, and my children went to kinder there.

    The garden of my house used to be the canal bed - I could join the actual canal at Gloucester Gate by the zoo and walk along the canal to work in Little Venice...

  3. Oh, I love Little Venice - friends of ours used to live there and I spent ages exploring the area - it is beautiful. Glad you have discovered it Jeanne. x

  4. I love this! When I finally get to the UK, your blogs are going to be my first planning stop!

  5. Thanks all..and Glenda..yes, I whipped thru the house as soon as I got home and put everything to order. Wish I worked as fast as that every day...will have to go to the city more often to ensure I do :)

  6. Oh! Love the big off-white house on the hill. Very grand, and love the big broad lawn with it. As a child of the Midwest, I think I would really miss having lawn around my house if I ever lived in a big city.

  7. London is a delight!! love little venezia.

  8. Gorgeous! It's many years since I did a guidebook-recommended walk of Little Venice... and I'm not sure it included Primrose Hill.
    You're right, it does feel very un-London.