Following Footsteps in Bath, England

Day and Night in Bath...

How do you cover a city in just a few days? Armed with guide books, google searches and much more, why is it, that I still do not feel fully prepared? You know that moment when family or friends turns to you and say...'where to next?' The mind reels when this happens and all I can think of is 'good question'.

This time, I tried something new and I am so glad that I did. There is something about going to a place where friends have been been before you. My gut told me as the suggestions were coming in that I was onto a good thing. It made all the difference to our experience.

My notes upon arrival were as follows:

For good food visit: Circus, Jamie's Italian, Chandos Deli, Casani, Royal Crescent Hotel,
Firehouse Rotisserie, Minibar Madrid, Hon Fusion and a bit further yonder... Ring of Bells, The King Arms @ Monkton Farleigh. Activities: Bath Abbey, Roman Baths and the Fashion Museum.  Pick up a copy of Bath Life en route and be sure not to miss out on Marshfield Ice Cream and San Francisco Fudge. If you are looking for more outside of Bath...visit Castle Combe, Tetbury (High Grove), Lucknam Park and Manor House Hotel, Lacock Abbey, The Courts Garden, Stonehenge, Avebury and Stourhead.

We had delicious meals at Circus and Jamie's Italian. We lunched at The Pump Room and I stopped in for tea at Chandos deli and The Bath Tea House. After dinner at Circus we noticed that the Roman Baths were still open and it was nearly empty. In we went and it was spectacular. I highly recommend a night visit. The Bath Abbey was equally enjoyable. You could spend hours in there. The girls and I took in The Diana Dresses at the Fashion Museum and went in search of our inner Jane at The Jane Austen Centre. I found a copy of Bath Life...a great suggestion! We are still talking about Marshfield Ice Cream and I for one am still dreaming about San Francisco Fudge..'to die for'.

To Susie, Cherie and Mise we send our sincerest thanks!

A few pics taken along the way...

Our first stop when visiting a city is the Red Bus
I park myself on the top deck, take out my camera 
and view the world from above.
me~ready for action.

Beautiful blue skies and a gorgeous park.
I was very envious of the gentleman below.

Can't resist a peak into the local galleries.
Great exhibits at Beaux Arts.

Bath Abbey..I could have spent all day.
Just fascinating.

I am now on a quest to find my inner Jane...
hard not to once you visit The Jane Austen Centre.

and I remembered them all.

A weekend in Bath following 
in the footsteps of friends...nothing better!

Chocolate San Francisco Fudge...YUM!!!!!

More on Bath...

images~ me


  1. Bath is a wonderful city! Now I've read 75% of Jane Austen's works, I'd love to visit that centre.
    And I'm so glad you made food a big part of the visit!

  2. Jeanne - absolutely wonderful photos - I love the way you compose them...particularly love the nightshots at the that really where I live?! It's good to see a place through another pair of eyes...I'm sorry - I completely forgot to mention the lions! Hope you had a wonderful time x

  3. I loved my visit to Bath when I lived in the UK 20 years ago (eek). Your photos are wonderful and bring back lovely memories.

  4. I'm full of nostalgia for Bath after seeing your lovely photos. Perhaps I'll order some fudge online to console myself, or go and pay Susie a surprise visit.

  5. I just watched the 1995 version of Persuasion the other night, so Bath has certainly been on my mind. How beautiful! Yet another place on my list for the next England visit. The Abbey looks absolutely stunning. Do you know when it was built?

  6. Thanks one and all for your comments!

    Valerie...the Abbey dates back to the 13th century. It is a beautiful spot..serene is the best way to describe it :)

  7. Oh, this brought back wonderful memories!! Isn't Bath the most delicious city?!

  8. I adore Bath. It's one of my favorite stops when I'm in England. I am a huge fan of all things British..especially the people, so to come across your blog has made my day. and the photos you have taken of Bath..really capture the beauty of my favorite British city to visit. Thank you!

  9. This post has me dreaming of visiting Europe myself one day. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Your welcome :-) I am so glad you enjoyed your visit. Your photos have got me wanting to go again soon and see all the places I missed last time I was there.

  11. Jeanne..... have been thinking about you lots and hoping that none of your family was involved in the earthquake in NZ!!!

    Tracy @ It's an average life
    sorry too lazy to sign in !

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