The Travelwrap~ Heaven in a Box

For those of you who have a weakness for cashmere,
I have discovered yet another product which I have
fallen in love with. In my mind, this is the perfect wrap.

Even better, if you are game, you can pop this little beauty 
under the Christmas tree for all your family members.
One for you, one for the Mr. in your life and one for your little lovelies.
I like this may want to win the lottery first
but I promise, you will be wrapped in heaven 
come Christmas morning :)

Niamh Barker is the Founder and Creative Director of
The Travelwrap Company. She was brought up in Ireland
and now lives in The New Forest with her husband and her children.

I like to see women who have an idea and make it happen.
I think she has got it right with this one.

I love that mine arrived in this beautiful box 
with a linen travel sack to keep it beautiful and fresh. 
Even better, they have a reconditioning 
service for the much loved and well used wrap.
The perfect solution to making your wrap last a lifetime.
 Someone is thinking smart!

If you are starting to think about your Christmas list,
order this is good for dropping heavy hints :)

I write about products like this 
because I like them.
No sponsors, just me, 
because that's the way I like it :)

Stopped in at the National Gallery
and saw a beautiful Canaletto

which made me think of Katherine Hepburn 
and you know how the story goes... more here


  1. I'm not sure about one for the Mr but one for the little lovelies is a great idea. And maybe three for me.

  2. Please, Santa, I'll be good all year!!

    Brilliant find, thanks for posting.

  3. You temptress Jeanne - just HAVE to check this out! Maybe in time for my return travel to Australia?!x

  4. I am going to have to check that company out... Ironically, about a month ago, I bought all my friends and some family member cozy wraps for xmas... Great minds think alike!

  5. A lovely surprise in my email box today...

    Dear Finding My Way……

    I had a (very) mad day in London yesterday finalising the new Travelwrap Candle Collection amongst other bits and pieces.
    ……How lovely to open a Google Alert and find someone saying lovely things about our product and company. Always good to find someone believing you are heading in the right direction (other than me!)
    Thank you so much.
    Best regards

    T (UK):0844 800 1296
    International: +44(0)1425 613731

    *Winner, Best New Business 2009, International Women in Business Stevie Awards (USA) 2009
    *Travelwrap, Winner, Luxury Gift of The Year (UK) 2008, The Travelwrap