I Just Like to Look...

I keep telling myself and Mr. H that I just like to look...
It never hurts, right?

Ouch to these....

Ok, last look....

last two via Barbour

I don't hunt, I don't ride, 
but I can walk, 
so surely....

But, if we move back to Sydney,
would I wear any of the above again??

This is what Mr. H keeps asking me.
That man!

(Little Monday dreaming happening here at Finding My Way..
I think Downton Abbey is affecting my sensibilities!)


  1. I think it's been rubbing off on me too. I want a Barbour! (And not one to be worn in an ironic-hipster-Shoreditch way. Not that I could wear anything thus even if I did want to....)

  2. Oh good, Jane, so glad to hear it!
    They just make it so tempting!

  3. Dubarry boots are absolutely tops (say I, as they're made very near me here) - definitely fine for country tramping. Mr H will admire your sturdy style once you have them.

  4. Ooh I want those boots, Jeanne! Yes, I think you would still "need" them if you were to move back to Sydney!

  5. Always best to tune out those who insist on being practical...

    I've been seeing so much Barbour lately (and own a few) but loved the reminder of Holland & Holland!

    From one dedicated consumer to another, you go girl.

  6. No harm in looking Jeanne and you never know when you may need these clothes (and boots!) x

  7. Honey, who cares? If you're breathing then I think you should have all of these. Gorgeous! Those prices? OUCH!

  8. Jeanne, I wear my Dubarry boots every day to walk my lovely labradoodle, Hnedrix! They never disappoint and keep me warm and dry without the clompyness ( is there such a word!!) of welllies! They are a good investment - put them on your Christmas list!!