An Afternoon on the Seine

I was told to be sure to take the boat ride along the Seine when we arrived in Paris. 
Here I sit, 10 days later, looking thru a few of my photos and the first thought 
that comes to mind is to thank the person who suggested the trip. 
If you haven't been and you have plans to go to Paris someday....
be sure to take a boat ride along the Seine.

Life happens at its own pace and for the most part it happens slowly. 
I think it was one of the things I enjoyed most.

It was a late Thursday afternoon in October and the sun was kissing the day goodbye.

Whether by boat, bridge or  land you feel compelled to stop and take it all in.
We easily fell into step with everyone else.

Everywhere we looked autumn leaves were alight.

Every little detail was beautiful.

Shadows were just as happy in their stance as the person standing 

or sitting next to them.

The big guns then came tumbling along...
Notre Dame

The Eiffel Tower

and for me, I was equally happy with birds in flight,

a perfect end to a late afternoon trip along the Seine.



  1. Beautiful! I have 48 hrs in Paris next week and was wondering where you get on and off the boat? Any other recommendations? So glad you had a lovely time. xx

  2. Oh, Jeanne! You sweetheart for sharing this beauty with us. I feel like I've been there with you. You've lifted my spirits on this overcast Hobart day. J x

  3. Hi Belinda
    We took the boat just outside of the Eiffel Tower. There are several to choose from. We visited for a short time as well. If I had to do it again I would take the hop on, hop off cruise. This site will tell you more..

    Walking is the best way to see the city. If you can build that in with this cruise you will cover a lot of the city.
    You lose time trying to get into everything. You may just want to take in the city at first glance and come back for more at another time. I would be happy to answer any other questions. Just let me know what sort of things you would like to experience in 48 hours. Sounds to me like a great post...Paris in 48 hours! Start taking notes now!! :))


  4. Dave and I took the boat tour many many years ago. We did it at night. A fall afternoon sounds lovely too.


  5. Oh Jeanne.....what glorious pics you have shared seems like we are right there with you.

    Several years ago I visited Pairs and our ship sailed right along the Seine....I can remember it to this day!!!


  6. Thanks so much for the info, I'll let you know how it

  7. So lovely - I remember going on a boat on the Seine about 20 years ago but still remember the magic....
    Thanks for your comment on the bears Jeanne on my blog - have replied to your comment. X

  8. LOVELY photos, Jeanne, which bring back lovely memories of my last visit to Paris...I'm certainly ready to return! Cassandra ♥