Annie Tempest and The Totterings

One sunny afternoon in September, 
I met a friend for lunch in Kent at the The Royal Oak in Edenbridge.  
It was there that I came across the work of Annie Tempest.
As I was leaving the pub I noticed a framed picture on the wall. 
I had a quick glance and smiled all the way home. 

 I did my usual frenzied google search and discovered
 that the answer to my question was at The O'Shea Gallery in London.

I could not have been more pleased when I walked thru the doors of the gallery. 
Not only was I greeted with a warm smile..I was in Tottering heaven. 
Everything relating to Annie Tempest can be found in this wonderful gallery. 
I eagerly stepped up to the desk and mentioned my crazy story about a pub, 
a picture of a bed, a dog and a TV.  The woman looked quizzical at first 
and then smiled.  She knew exactly what I was talking about and took me right to it.

'I don't think the bed scenes are very realistic..."

There is something about the casualness of it all..the dogs, the socks, the paper, 
the TV at the foot of the bed, the wine and I imagine a box of chocolates somewhere 
that I couldn't resist. This is not the sort of scene you imagine in a bed of such grandeur.  
I like the way the artist thinks and wonder what they would have said 
whilst watching Downton Abbey :)

Who are the Totterings? 
Lord and Lady Tottering reside at their ancestral home, Tottering Hall 
in the fictional county of North Pimmshire. They are known to each other 
and amongst their friends as Dicky and Daffy. They have a daughter, Serena 
and two grandchildren, Freddy and Daisy. The artist, Annie Tempest gives us amusing 
little insights into their lives. I have discovered that you do not have to be English 
to appreciate the delight of Dicky and Daffy. No matter what your nationality you 
are bound to find something that strikes a chord. 
They are endearing :)

"I know I said I was only going to look but it's a woman's
prerogative to change her mind, darling..."

"Darling, it's Hello! Magazine on the phone-they'd 
like to photography us in our gracious home..."

I was also endeared by this image of Annie Tempest 
and wanted to know more.

Annie started her career in 1993 with a cartoon strip 'Tottering-by- Gently' 
for Country Life Magazine. Her talent has taken her far as you can now find her 
delightful cartoons executed on china, stationary, textiles and name it, she's got it. 
You can find it all and more at O'Shea Gallery and on her website. In fact, you can probably 
find it at a store near you. Annie has a strong international following and her work now 
reaches the far corners of the world. I am thinking that Annie's work would make 
great Christmas presents for those friends with a little twinkle in their eye, just like Daffy :)

 You can find O'Shea Gallery 
 4 St. James's St.
London SW1A 1EF

Images from
and postcards purchased at O'Shea Gallery



  1. So glad you have discovered the Totterings. Love them so much and Annie Tempest's cards. My father has a card I gave him about 4 years ago still which he loves. It shows Dickie looking crestfallen as the hostess says (as they are sitting down to lunch) "No, Dickie I've put you HERE" (Next to an aging old dowager instead of the place Dickie wanted to be - between two attractive young girls!) Priceless.... Dickie rather reminds me of my Dad! x

  2. Sounds perfect Sarah! I love all these little things I discover along the way and the Totterings will always be one of my favourite:)

  3. I have always adored the work done by Annie Tempest - in fact so much so that I have started to sell some of her fine collection of cards.