The Christmas Season

The Christmas season is upon us.
Their is a hustle and bustle in the air as
shoppers set their mark. 
Yet, on this night..

 drifts thru 
my windowsill,
snowflakes dance.
A Nordmann Fir
awaits our eager touch.
Christmas music lifts me up, 
scented candles gleam in the moonlight
all the while, a mighty army of Nutcrackers 
stand and stare. I have my list and I am checking 
it twice. I have to step out for a wee Australia 
and back. I will be returning with the best present of all,
my son. Then we will be least for a little while.
The Christmas season is upon us.
The best season of all.
Image: V&A

A little Christmas Spirit


  1. It will be lovely to have your family all together! Have a wonderful trip, and safe home!

  2. Ooh, Jeanne, what a shame you can't swing by Hobart on the way through! Enjoy your stay, Sweet One. J x

  3. What a beautiful posting!!! Have a save journey and a wonderful graduation ceremony in Australia (I think this is the reason why you`re flying to Australia, if I`m right...)and I am glad hearing from you again, I will miss your postings!
    Enjoy your time in this warmer zone,Beate :) XX

  4. How classy she looks!

    Have a safe trip down under and back. Christmas is always the best with all of our loved ones homes, isn't it?

  5. Lovely! All the best for your trip and G'day to Oz for me.

  6. Oh how lovely and how wonderful that you will all be together for Christmas. Travel safely. S x

  7. Safe travels Jeanne......enjoy the sunshine....xv

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