Colin Firth and The King's Speech

My kids will say...
'Oh, no here she goes again with Mr. Darcy'
but how can I not?

I just watched the trailer to
The King's Speech.
It is the story of King George VI
and his struggle to deal with a speech impediment.

Colin Firth and Australian actor, Geoffrey Rush
are in it along with Helena Bonham Carter.

The King's Speech will be released in the UK on 7 January 2011 . 
It looks brilliant!

Geoffrey Rush always has a twinkle in his eye
and doesn't Colin look fab :)

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  1. Great actors and it seems to be a very brilliant movie! It will take a while until we can see it here in germany, but one day.....:))
    Thanks for sharing, Jeanne!
    movie-lovin` Beate XX

  2. I can't wait to see this movie. I saw Colin on Regis and Kelly earlier this week and saw a few film clips. It looks like my kind of movie and I love true stories.
    I enjoy your posts very much. I know you don't have Thanksgiving in the UK so Happy Thursday instead.

  3. Will definitely watch this one - thx for sharing! Greetings from Bahrain.

  4. Jeanne I wish you would not keep posting pictures of Colin, it's really most distracting!

    Must see this film.

  5. Dash...I have so many photos and it was tough deciding which one ... He looks great in them all!

  6. Your welcome Beate, perfect weather for movies :)

  7. I think Colin Firth is (insert any complimentary word here you like!). Looks like a great movie with a terrific cast. Even Helena Bonham Carter looks perfect :) And please keep on posting about Colin for ever and ever!

  8. Good plug! We're looking forward to it here in the US. My better half also juggles a speech impediment, and any time the subject pops up in media in an intelligent manner, it seems more people stop to think and ask him about it instead of losing patience with him or treating him as if he's mentally disabled. And I can't see an actor of Firth's worth (yes, that was on purpose) doing anything in other than an intelligent manner.

  9. Oh, all right then. I suppose I could just about force myself to sit down and watch this ;)

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