London and the Wallace Collection

One of the things I love about London is the rain.
It is quintessential London to me.

I have learned how to dress for rain since moving to England.
You have to be prepared. 
Light rain coat, umbrella, the right shoes, 
rain hat and a plastic bag to hold it all when needed. 
If you have the items can handle anything.

What is so special about rain over London?
Even with the darkest skies you can find something special.

I ducked out of the rain to the Wallace Collection today.
It is a national museum within an historic London town house.
It contains 25 galleries of 18th century paintings, furniture, porcelain
and wonderful Old Master paintings along with armoury 
that my 10 year old son would love. 

Best of all is the beautiful courtyard with a cafe and brasserie.
Honestly, it is a gem and such a surprise when you open the door 
and see it nestled in the center of the building. 

If you ever need to get away from it all, rain or shine, 
visit the Wallace Collection. This was my second visit 
and I know it won't be my last.

Today, my favourite painting...

The Swing by Jean-Honore Fragonard (1767).
Pure delight!

Care for a litle foot frolic?
read here

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  1. Love that naughty painting!

    I used to love being able just to wander at will into the galleries, museums and churches. It really does enrich every day.

  2. That is a lovely courtyard! Looks so fund to lounge in. Enjoy your day, Kellie xx

  3. I just love seeing the city in which I grew up through fresh eyes, it is so heartwarming to me and makes me realise I took so much for granted!!xx

  4. Oh one of my very favourite places in London, Jeanne. Thank you for the this post. x

  5. Dear Jeanne,
    I remember especially a very huge, dark rain cloud over Chelsea, when I visited London this year with my daughter. We were just on the way to the Physical Secret Garden there. It started to rain like cats and dogs and we had n o umbrellas with us, n o rain coats, n o perfect shoes and the only thing which was saving us, was a small blind (hope, this is the right word for it)of an antique shop!A smiling gentlement with 2 (!) umbrellas passed by, but as we noticed 3 min. later, he was on the way to save somebody else.
    I will never forget my umbrella when I stay in London...I swear :)
    Beautiful images, Jeanne....
    Have a wonderful week, Beate XXX

  6. Lol - The Swing is adorable!

    Nice post! I loved the cloudyness; glare gives me a headache and it was great to go for whole days without needing sunglasses. To me, rain is relaxing and makes indoors feel cosy, and outdoors feel fresher.

  7. That's the beauty of London...other than the rain....there is so much choice....xv

  8. I just had to check out your other blogs too, Jeanne. This one is just beautiful also! The pictures are wonderful. "Raindrops on London"...I think of clouds and coziness. Our time has changed and it is darker out now, earlier. I love the coziness of that and have my robe on by 6ish in the evening now!

  9. thanks for sharing with us! I just added you to my blog roll "Favourites" :)

  10. Oh, this is so wonderful. Your blog post is beautiful and makes me want to be in London. I am going in the Fall and will definitely visit the Wallace Collection based on your recommendation.