Jo Malone and Blue Agava and Cacao

Dear Friends,
I need your help. 
I am working on my Christmas list. 
I have checked it once and checked it twice. 
At the top, is my favourite Jo Malone fragrance. 
I want to be sure that Mr. H fully 
appreciates my passion
for this fragrance....

Do you think this will work?

Dear Mr H, 
Spray me once, spray me twice
 as all I want for Christmas 
is especially sweet and nice.

They say it dances on the skin,
they say it is passion inspired 
by the rhythm of Latin music.
La musica del amor...

Scented with fresh lime, 
zesty grapefruit, 
 the heart of the rare, 
blue agava flower. 
every woman's dream, 
deep dark chocolate 
with the creamy 
vanilla spice note 
of the Cacao Bean.

Spray me once, spray me twice 
and if you are feeling
especially nice...
a cologne, a cream, a bath oil
and little drops of chocolate for el bano.
Aribba, Aribba!

Dear Readers, you think
 the whole collection
is a bit of a stretch?? 
Hmmm..perhaps, but
how about the chocolate?
Lindt, yum!

:) :)

2, 5


  1. I used to love getting fragrance for the holidays....but now I have such longer! sigh...sigh



  2. You deserve every last drop of delicious scent...i am sure he will oblige Jeanne...