A Royal Wedding

A wedding, how exciting! Prince William and Kate Middleton 
have finally made an announcement. They are engaged. 
The word around town is that they will marry next spring or summer, 
giving Britain its biggest royal wedding since Prince Charles married Diana in 1981.
Do you remember when Diana and Charles married?

Better yet, did you watch it and do you recall where you were when you did?
For me, it was the wee hours of the morning in the USA.
What an event and my how times have changed.
It still brings a tear...

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  1. I remember it so well. I was 12 years old, and my mother, grandmother, sisters and I were all glued to the television. We were transfixed.

  2. I remember vividly, I was in love with an Englishman watching it alone in Helsinki. Oh, how I cried. xx

  3. This will have England buzzing....can't wait to be in London and read all about it. I am so happy for them...it is such exciting news....xv

  4. Yes,it was all over the news today :) good for them! I've seen their marriage on TV lots of times on documentaries about the Royal Family, but I wasn't born until '82,so I've missed that :)

  5. I wasn't around yet, but I do, very vividly, remember Di's death. I will certainly be glued to the tv for this one!

  6. I have everything crossed that they, and she especially, have thought long and hard about this. The media are already in a frenzy and we know where that led last time.
    Hopefully their fairly long relationship has allowed her to figure out a strategy for coping!

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  7. oh my ..... so long ago now but I do remember it well...going to see fireworks in the park and having to walk all the way home because there were so many people...having our own little party through most of the night....watching, dazed and a little confused, with shock the horror the crumpled dress...driving to Sussex with my boyfriend, filling the car with friends...heading to a party in a pub garden.....any excuse!!

  8. I vividly remember sitting up in bed at night with a sleeping toddler & a new baby bump watching the RW. That toddler is nearly 31 & the bump is nearly 29!
    Millie ^_^

  9. The very first thing I thought when I heard the news was, "Jeanne WILL be pleased!". ;o)

  10. my mom watched the wedding from the hospital... i had just been born. :)