French, Italian, English...decisions, decisions

I am not sure which I enjoyed more, window shopping in Paris for women's or men's clothes.
 My daughter and I had fun looking at the Franck Namani windows on the rue de Castiglione. 
We both thought Mr. H could do with a little pick me up after checking out the windows here.

I have to say, after travelling to Rome, I thought Italian men had it all, no contest.
I had never seen so many handsome and immaculately dressed men in one place.
Now that I have lived in England for a while, I have started to think that English men 
have got the right idea.  After last weekend, I am just plain confused.

In Paris you find one store after another filled with beautiful men's clothes.
Can you say beautiful when you refer to men's clothes?
I have serious male envy at the moment.
I think I could create a day just around men's fashions
and be perfectly content ;)

and for women...

2 rue de Castiglione 
Paris 1er

How about you?
Do you have a preference when it comes to fashion?
English, Italian, French, another??

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  1. The Charvet window display is exquisite; I hope some of it finds its way to Mr H. I remember when I lived briefly in Germany being struck by how colourful the men's clothes in the shops there were - I think I liked them in theory but not on a husband.

  2. I am an absolutel Anglo-phile. As a child in the south I was always enamored with England and even dreamt about the New England area of the United States. While I've regretfully never traveled further north than New York City, I did have the immense privilege of living in Britain for four years. I LOVE EVERYTHING BRITISH. BUT, my darling son-in-law is Italian and he is very, very handsome and perfectly dressed at all times.

    I love your blog, by the way.

  3. I'm more of an accessories shopper than for clothes. Put a cute jacket, scarf and hat on me and I good. I prefer American I guess. Don't get anywhere else:)

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