Snowy Night, London Lights and King's College Choir

We bundled ourselves up last night
and took the night ride into London.
Our destination was the Royal Albert Hall 
for the Christmas Festival  featuring

The girls and I decided to brave the weather 
take in the sights before the show.
The boys arrived via train just 
before the show started.

Can you guess who had more fun?
Christmas lights in Trafalgar Square

A Christmas window at Fortnum and Mason

Miss Christine and Miss Claire at the sight
of snow alongside The Milestone Hotel in Kensington.

and a  pre-show picture taken at the Royal Albert Hall.

Mr. H has been a fan of the King's College Choir 
for as long as I can remember. He was thrilled to see them in person.
Honestly, the event was pure magic. It reminded me that perfect balance 
of wind chimes on a summers night. It was so peaceful that it 
actually put me to sleep, for just a little while :)

"The Choir owes its existence to King Henry VI, who envisaged the daily singing of services 
in his magnificent chapel. This remains the Choir's raison d'ĂȘtre, and is an important part 
of the lives of its 16 choristers, who are educated on generous scholarships at King's College School,
 and the 14 choral scholars and two organ scholars, who study a variety of subjects in the College."
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Snowy nights and London Light images~ me
Kings College Choir here
You Tube 
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

Snowfalls in Surrey

Snow blanketed Surrey today.
Traffic came to a stand still 
and I was secretly happy.

All activities were cancelled.
Out for a walk, home to rest.
The perfect opportunity to catch up
with Christmas baking and wrapping.
I'll take it!

Merry, Merry !

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~ Voices ~

A few months ago I visited Lacock Abbey in rural Wiltshire, England. Founded in 1232, it is descended from a nunnery dating back to 1100 and is now part of the Fox Talbot Museum and village managed by the National Trust. It was also used in the Harry Potter films. As you can see from the photos, we were lucky enough to visit at a time when there were few visitors. That in itself was a marvel. What I will never forget is the wonderful music that filled the air. So peaceful. Today I came across a CD that instantly transported me back to the day of our visit. Called simply, Voices: Chant from Avignon, by The Benedictine Nuns of Notre-Dame De L'Annonciation. For some, it may be the perfect Christmas was for me :)

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 Images 1-4 ~me
Album cover as noted above
Video: You Tube

Made in Dagenham~ Loved it!

My friend Kate proudly tells me that she is an 'Essex' girl'.
I did not understand what it meant until now.
All I can say now is that 'Essex' girls rule :)

If you are looking for a fun and uplifting movie,
see Made in Dagenham.  I watched it on a
recent plane flight and smiled the whole
way Australia.

I just have to say that I loved, loved, loved this film!
It is smart, it is sassy, it sizzles!

"Heroines aren't born,
they are made"

You betcha!

Movie information and trailer here

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So happy to hear that Matt Cardle 

An Essex boy!

Fickle Female and the X Factor

Maybe it is the change of season, maybe it is just because...
but I am feeling the need for a blog title photo change.

Up to now I have been showing a little bit of bike love..

But now I am thinking, maybe, 
a spoonful of lovin from Fortnum and Mason..

or starry starry winter nights over London...

Perhaps showers over Witley Court?

or that ye olde London feel of Jermyn Street

Maybe Big Ben chiming in the night ?

but then there is Henry at
Hampton Court Palace
who is just down the road from me...

Decisions, Decisions..
what do you think?
Which one?

Speaking of votes, if you live in England,
you may have been swept into the
X Factor fever like the rest of us.

 I have two favourites, 
Matt Cardle and Rebecca Ferguson.
They both have great voices.
I will be in flight from OZ to the UK
for the Finals...I am hoping
the pilot will make a little announcement :)

If you are watching it...would love to know who you like :)

images~ me