Fickle Female and the X Factor

Maybe it is the change of season, maybe it is just because...
but I am feeling the need for a blog title photo change.

Up to now I have been showing a little bit of bike love..

But now I am thinking, maybe, 
a spoonful of lovin from Fortnum and Mason..

or starry starry winter nights over London...

Perhaps showers over Witley Court?

or that ye olde London feel of Jermyn Street

Maybe Big Ben chiming in the night ?

but then there is Henry at
Hampton Court Palace
who is just down the road from me...

Decisions, Decisions..
what do you think?
Which one?

Speaking of votes, if you live in England,
you may have been swept into the
X Factor fever like the rest of us.

 I have two favourites, 
Matt Cardle and Rebecca Ferguson.
They both have great voices.
I will be in flight from OZ to the UK
for the Finals...I am hoping
the pilot will make a little announcement :)

If you are watching it...would love to know who you like :)

images~ me


  1. You are an amazing photographer. I love all of them . . . maybe a blog heading with several photos?


  2. Henry is looking just fine.....xv

  3. lovely photos of London! best wishes, Maria

  4. I vote for the golden syrup - the image is perfectly beautifully domestic for this cold, cold nesting weather.

  5. Lovely images Jeanne - any of them would be a fitting heading for Finding My Way! I particularly love the ones of London in the winter! Rebbecca all the way for me on X-Factor - she is such a gracious lady and deserves a shot at the big time!

  6. Been swept up by both Strictly Come Dancing (which I still can't believe as I never had any interest in the American version) and X Factor. Love both Rebecca & Matt (and really don't like that other girl -- what's her name again?)

    All pics are marvelous, and I especially love the snowy ones.

  7. Was just about to choose a pic when I saw Henry! Good choice Jeanne - he'll always be there through rain, snow and Christmas...xx

  8. Love the photo of London at night with the lights twinkling. And the stained glass is beautiful's such a stunning art form.

  9. found your new blog!! yeah!!!!!
    lovely post today and the photos are fabulous too!
    Hope you are feeling better today!

  10. To be honest, I was a bit gutted when Matt won, I think Rebecca is a much better all rounder and would have been a better choice!

    I was just glad that Cher got booted!