Made in Dagenham~ Loved it!

My friend Kate proudly tells me that she is an 'Essex' girl'.
I did not understand what it meant until now.
All I can say now is that 'Essex' girls rule :)

If you are looking for a fun and uplifting movie,
see Made in Dagenham.  I watched it on a
recent plane flight and smiled the whole
way Australia.

I just have to say that I loved, loved, loved this film!
It is smart, it is sassy, it sizzles!

"Heroines aren't born,
they are made"

You betcha!

Movie information and trailer here

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So happy to hear that Matt Cardle 

An Essex boy!


  1. Had not heard of this, but one look at the cast list tells me it must be a winner!

  2. I love the movie Calendar Girls, so will add this to my list. And finding a good movie on a long flight is especially joyful. Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  3. I've seen this one advertised - thanks for the reco - I'll have to check it out.